About Last Night

March 7th, 2014


About Last Night

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New love for two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world.

Release Year: 2014

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Steve Pink

Stars: Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall

New love for two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world.

Writers: Leslye Headland, Tim Kazurinsky

Kevin Hart - Bernie
Michael Ealy - Danny
Regina Hall - Joan
Joy Bryant - Debbie
Christopher McDonald - Casey McNeil
Adam Rodriguez - Steven Thaler
Joe Lo Truglio - Ryan Keller
Paula Patton - Alison
Terrell Owens - Himself
Catherine Shu - Asian Manicurist
David Greenman - Isaac
Bryan Callen - Trent
Paul Quinn - Drunk Regular
Hailey Boyle - New Roommate
Selita Ebanks - Pretty Lady

Taglines: It's about compromise. It's about love. It's about a good wingman.

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 14 February 2014

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About Last Night…

July 2nd, 1986


About Last Night…

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Still of Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins in About Last Night...Still of Rob Lowe in About Last Night...Still of Demi Moore and Rob Lowe in About Last Night...Still of James Belushi in About Last Night...About Last Night...Still of Rob Lowe and James Belushi in About Last Night...

A man and woman meet and try to have a romantic affair, despite their personal problems and the interference of their disapproving friends.

Release Year: 1986

Rating: 5.9/10 (7,143 voted)

Director: Edward Zwick

Stars: Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, James Belushi

Danny and Bernie are two single men living their lives on the wild side. But when Danny meets Debbie at a bar and the two start a relationship with a one night stand, Danny's life takes a different turn. How does this passionate night become a full affair and what effect will this relationship have on both people and their friendship with their best mates ?

Writers: David Mamet, Tim Kazurinsky

Rob Lowe - Danny Martin
Demi Moore - Debbie
James Belushi - Bernie Litgo
Elizabeth Perkins - Joan
George DiCenzo - Mr. Favio
Michael Alldredge - Mother Malone
Robin Thomas - Steve Carlson
Donna Gibbons - Alex
Megan Mullally - Pat
Patricia Duff - Leslie
Rosanna DeSoto - Mrs. Lyons (as Rosana De Soto)
Sachi Parker - Carrie
Robert Neches - Gary
Joe Greco - Gus
Ada Maris - Carmen

Taglines: It's about men, women, choices, friendship, love, last night...

Release Date: 2 July 1986

Filming Locations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Opening Weekend: $3,152,469 (USA) (7 July 1986)

Gross: $38,702,310 (USA) (2 November 1986)

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Did You Know?

The original title of this film was "Sexual Perversity in Chicago" (taken from the play it is based on). The title was changed after many newspapers and TV stations refused to run ads for a film with such a title.

Continuity: The end of the movie apparently takes place when the softball team has a spring practice. However, we see that the leaves are changing.

Danny: Oh, you're not leavin' are ya?
Joan: No, we're walking in backwards.

User Review

Sex vs. love, a great movie to watch

Rating: 8/10

I know I know you look at the cast and say "Geez, another a brat pack movie from the 80's". However, this movie is really good. The scariest part is how accurate the movie is in portraying the challenge to find true love among young twenty something's in the eighties. All of which still applies today. Did David Mamet know something thirty years ago that we didn't? Even the four main characters and the different personalities they have are easy to relate too and understand because they are all people that we know or once used to know!!!!! Danny (Rob Lowe), a restaurant supply salesman, and Debbie (Demi Moore), an art director at an advertising agency, meet at a baseball game and later link up at a singles bar in Chicago. He's a handsome guy used to one-night stands; she's having an affair with her boss but is looking for something more romantic and less sleazy.

After a one-night stand at Danny's apartment, Debbie tells him, "It's been a slice of heaven." She returns to her place where she lives with Joan (Elizabeth Perkins), a kindergarten teacher whose smart ass tongue discourages most men. Meanwhile at work, Danny's buddy Bernie, a Neanderthal barbaric like fellow (played beautifully by Jim Belushi) who sees himself as a lady killer, queries his friend about his date with Debbie.

The affair continues, and Debbie decides to move in with Danny. Living together proves to be a difficult experience for them. They try out plenty of new positions for sex, but find that coping with each other's habits, quirks, and expectations is far more challenging. Danny's passivity and inability to open up bother Debbie. At one point, he discovers her looking through his private possessions for clues to his past life.

Debbie, of course, wants them to be a couple, while Danny, hiding behind the myth of the independent male, doesn't want to tie himself down and so ends up treating Debbie as nothing more than a live-in sexual object. And if there isn't enough tension between them, Bernie and Joan are constantly trying to sabotage their relationship. Thus the beginning of the end starts when Danny and Debbie use the "L" word after a steamy night of passion. Danny's frustrations with his career spill over into his relationship with Debbie. More frustrations come about with his best friend Bernie giving him a hard time about being with Debbie, losing touch with his own free spirit partier identity and a lack of communication with Debbie. This ultimately leads to a gut wrenching break up scene followed by Danny's painful attempts to get Debbie back after he finally realizes that what he had was special and now wants back what he has lost.

As I was watching this movie I found myself squirming in my seat while these characters struggle to relate to each other. It wasn't very difficult for me to remember that I had gone through the same heartbreaking downfall of a good relationship in my early twenties due to my lack of communication and inexperience regarding matters of the heart like Danny in the movie. And how difficult it can be to move on. My only peace of mind comes at the end when Danny and Debbie decide to start courting again. This time with the realization that they were both unrealistic and naive and that they will be better to each other because of the painful lessons learned. The voices inside Danny, Debbie, Bernie, and Joan speak volumes about the loneliness, anger, self-hate, and fear of men and women who remain perplexed about themselves and the opposite sex. About Last Night is a provocative portrait of young adults. A very underrated movie and a must see.


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