Agent Cody Banks

March 14th, 2003


Agent Cody Banks

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Still of Frankie Muniz and Harald Zwart in Agent Cody BanksStill of Frankie Muniz and Hilary Duff in Agent Cody BanksVanessa Lengies at event of Agent Cody BanksStill of Angie Harmon and Frankie Muniz in Agent Cody BanksStill of Frankie Muniz in Agent Cody BanksStill of Frankie Muniz in Agent Cody Banks

A government agent trains Cody Banks in the ways of covert operations that require younger participants.

Release Year: 2003

Rating: 5.0/10 (13,337 voted)

Critic's Score: 41/100

Director: Harald Zwart

Stars: Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff, Andrew Francis

A government agent trains a typical teenager Cody Banks who loves to skateboard, hates math, and feels like a complete idiot around girls, in the ways of covert operations that require younger participants. But Cody's got a secret--he's actually part of a secret teen CIA program. Cody's living every boy's dream life--he can drive like a stunt man, has an incredible arsenal of cool gadgets, and his agency mentor, Ronica Miles, is totally hot. But Cody's training is put to the test when he's sent to pose as a prep school student and befriend fellow teen Natalie Connors in order to gain access to her father--a scientist unknowingly developing a fleet of deadly pair of twisted villains called the nanobots for the evil organization ERIS, which can destroy any carbon or silicon-based substance-to destroy the world's defense systems so he can threaten anyone who opposes him...

Writers: Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz

Frankie Muniz - Cody Banks
Hilary Duff - Natalie Connors
Angie Harmon - Ronica Miles
Keith David - CIA Director
Cynthia Stevenson - Mrs. Banks
Arnold Vosloo - Molay
Daniel Roebuck - Mr. Banks
Ian McShane - Brinkman
Darrell Hammond - Earl
Martin Donovan - Dr. Connors
Marc Shelton - Surveillance Van Agent
Chris Gauthier - Surveillance Van Agent
Harry Van Gorkum - Double Agent
Connor Widdows - Alex Banks
Eliza Norbury - Mom

Taglines: Save the world. Get the girl. Pass math.


Official Website: Official site [United States] |

Release Date: 14 March 2003

Filming Locations: Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Box Office Details

Budget: $26,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $14,064,317 (USA) (16 March 2003) (3369 Screens)

Gross: $47,811,138 (USA) (31 July 2003)

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Did You Know?

Hilary Duff first heard of the movie when Frankie Muniz was guest starring in her show Lizzie in the Middle.

Continuity: When Cody is in the glass dome with Natalie, Ronica is outside the dome placing little red light gadgets. You can see she is wearing purple lipstick, but when she enters the dome to get Cody and Natalie, she has red lipstick on.

[after stopping a two year old driving a car and crashing it]
Cody Banks: Next time, please stick to the tricycle.

User Review

Character Driven "Spykids"

Rating: 7/10

"Agent Cody Banks" depends more on character and plot than the special effects, explosive action of the more popular "Spykids." Frankie Muniz does a credible, funny job as a social inept, CIA whiz kid. With a distant resemblance to "True Lies," and "Never Been Kissed," "Agent Cody Banks" charms the audience with its irony and socially naive kid comedy along with a rather strong James Bond flavor for spy action. Frankie Muniz' CIA handler never gets too sickly sweet nor weird, but handles her role with a solid performance. This movie is a nice blend of genre, but it doesn't explode into non-stop action nor with a teen romantic comedy - perhaps it's taken on a rather awesome, big challenge of trying to package so many different elements into one movie that its comedy, spy thriller, action, teen romance with nerd genre are impossible to capture successfully in the time and attention span alloted. Entertaining and seriously funny, seven out of ten stars.


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