Aliens vs. Avatars

September 20th, 2011


Aliens vs. Avatars

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Release Year: 2011

Rating: 1.7/10 (370 voted)

Director: Lewis Schoenbrun

Stars: Cassie Fliegel, Jason Lockhart, Dylan Vox

Writers: Keith Parker, Kenny White

Cassie Fliegel - Ava
Jason Lockhart - Tyler
Dylan Vox - Jake
Kim Argetsinger - Jesse
Marlene Mc'Cohen - Tiffany
Ginny You - Dana
Georgina Tolentino - Crystal
Dan Glenn - Ranger
Amanda Chism - Sarah
Victoria De Mare - Mandy
Adam Graham - Robotar

Release Date: 20 September 2011

User Review

Too easy a target...

Rating: 1/10

I could be mean and rip this film a new one but as my title says its just too easy a target so i won't bother.

Instead i'll just say well done for having a go at filmmaking but i think you all need to work on your skills both as filmmakers and actors.

It looks like it was shot on one of those low end DV or HDV pro-sumer cams and the costumes were made out of egg crates and old toilet roll although they did make me laugh so there was a silver lining.

I'd be remiss as a reviewer not to warn people that this is a very low low ...low low budget film and you should enter into it with expectations to suit said budget ...low.



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