Baby's Day Out

July 1st, 1994


Baby's Day Out

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Baby Bink couldn't ask for more; he has adoring (if somewhat sickly-sweet) parents, he lives in a huge mansion...

Release Year: 1994

Rating: 5.2/10 (13,075 voted)

Director: Patrick Read Johnson

Stars: Lara Flynn Boyle, Joe Mantegna, Joe Pantoliano

Baby Bink couldn't ask for more; he has adoring (if somewhat sickly-sweet) parents, he lives in a huge mansion, and he's just about to appear in the social pages of the paper. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world is as nice as Baby Bink's parents; especially the three enterprising kidnapers who pretend to be photographers from the newspaper. Successfully kidnaping Baby Bink, they have a harder time keeping hold of the rascal, who not only keeps one step ahead of them, but seems to be more than a little bit smarter than the three bumbling criminals.

Joe Mantegna - Eddie
Lara Flynn Boyle - Laraine Cotwell
Joe Pantoliano - Norby
Brian Haley - Veeko
Cynthia Nixon - Gilbertine
Fred Dalton Thompson - FBI Agent Dale Grissom
John Neville - Mr. Andrews
Matthew Glave - Bennington Cotwell
Adam Robert Worton - Baby Bink #1
Jacob Joseph Worton - Baby Bink #2
Brigid Duffy - Sally
Guy Hadley - FBI Agent
Eddie Bracken - Old Timer
Kenneth L. Jordahl - Old Soldier #1
Raymond Henders - Old Soldier #2

Taglines: Born to go wild!

Release Date: 1 July 1994

Filming Locations: 3302 North Lincoln Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $50,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $16,671,505 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Plans for sequel called 'Baby's Trip to China' were cancelled.

Continuity: When the baby leaves the gorilla cage his shoes are untied. After crawling into the park when the trio find him, his shoes are tied.

[as Baby Bink crawls away from the Building Under Construction, Hard Hat #1 sees him disappear around a corner]
Hard Hat #2: What?
Hard Hat #1: I thought I saw a baby crawl around a corner.
Hard Hat #2: Good night, Donald.

User Review

Oh, "Baby"!

Rating: 8/10

Dumb laughs are easy to come by. Dumb characters are even easier. But when you get a movie that is so endearingly, goofily dumb as "Baby's day Out", you can't help but love it!

The plot is straight out of Cartoon Land, with a low bow in the Three Stooges' direction compliments of scripter John Hughes (surprise!). Three of the dimmest kidnappers in history (Mantegna, Pantoliano and Haley) make the mistake of kidnapping a rich couple's little baby, who turns out to be far more resourceful than all three of them combined. And a lot more ruthless.

During the course of the day, baby Bink (Warton and Warton) leads the dumb bad guys throughout the width and breadth of Chicago and leaves them all bruised, beaten, burnt, plummeted from innumerable high drops and otherwise humiliated ("we've had the living hell torn out of us by a baby," screams Mantegna at one point). And all the while, we're laughing.

I saw this in the theatre when it first came out and, I must admit, the entire packed-in audience was laughing hysterically at every single pratfall, gag and slapstick business that occurred. I love this kind of movie and seeing the great Joe Mantegna take his lumps so valiantly brings a smile in itself.

It's nice to play dumb once in a while. And even nicer to witness it.

Eight stars for "Baby's Day Out". If you like such laughs, it'll make your "Day".


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