Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Fearing the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on the man of steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs. With Batman and Superman fighting each other, a new threat, Doomsday, is created by Lex Luthor. It's up to Superman and Batman to set aside their differences along with Wonder Woman to stop Lex Luthor and Doomsday from destroying Metropolis.

Release Year: 2016

Rating: 9.5/10 (6,738 voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Zack Snyder

Stars: Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams

Following his titanic struggle against General Zod, Metropolis has been razed to the ground and Superman is the most controversial figure in the world. While for many he is still an emblem of hope, a growing number of people consider him a threat to humanity, seeking justice for the chaos he has brought to Earth. As far as Bruce Wayne is concerned, Superman is clearly a danger to society. He fears for the future of the world with such a reckless power left ungoverned, and so he dons his mask and cape to right Superman's wrongs. The rivalry between them is furious, fueled by bitterness and vengeance, and nothing can dissuade them from waging this war. However, a dark new threat arises in the form of a third man: one who has a power greater than either of them to endanger the world and cause total destruction!!!

Writers: Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer

Ben Affleck - Bruce Wayne / Batman
Henry Cavill - Clark Kent / Superman
Amy Adams - Lois
Jesse Eisenberg - Lex Luthor
Diane Lane - Martha Kent
Laurence Fishburne - Perry White
Jeremy Irons - Alfred
Holly Hunter - Senator Finch
Gal Gadot - Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
Scoot McNairy - Wallace Keefe
Callan Mulvey - Anatoli Knyazev
Tao Okamoto - Mercy Graves
Brandon Spink - Young Bruce Wayne
Lauren Cohan - Martha Wayne
Alan D. Purwin - Wayne Industries Pilot #1


Official Website: Official Facebook | Official site

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 25 March 2016

Filming Locations: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $250,000,000 (estimated)

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Did You Know?

In the final trailer, Batman was shown to have a fighting style that is more acrobatic and aggressive. It can be compared to the fighting of the Batman: Arkham games, and to how he would fight in the comics. See more »


User Review


Rating: 10/10

So, I saw BvS at an early screening, and it was easily the best superhero movie of all time, even better than "The Dark Knight." I went into the theater with already really high expectations, and the movie was even better than I expected. Yeah, the movie is pretty dark. It's darker than the Nolan trilogy, so that should give you a pretty good taste of what's to come. There are a few jokes here and there. Ben Affleck's performance as Batman was AMAZING. The best Batman yet. This one can actually fight, unlike Keaton's Batman who relied nearly solely on gadgets, and Bale's Batman whose fighting looked really dumb. For real, though, Affleck needs to win an Oscar for Best Actor. Eisenberg's performance as Lex Luthor was brilliant. Cavill's performance as Superman was pretty much the same as his performance in Man of Steel. His performance as Clark Kent was very accurate to the comics. Every other member of the cast did great, too, but those were the performances that stood out (Irons was great as Alfred, too).

The movie is ACTION PACKED. The fight between Batman and Superman was amazing. The way the fight was choreographed was beyond anything we've ever seen before. It's any fanboy's dream come true. As for the length of the fight: The true fight is longer than the Hulkbuster vs. Hulk battle in "Avengers: Age of Ultron." The reason I say TRUE fight is because there are technically two fights (sort of). One is a Batmobile chase (the end of it was the "Do You Bleed?" scene we saw featured in Conan), and the other one is the Dark Knight Returns-reminiscent fight (yeah, the one where Batman fights Superman in the armor). I'm not going to spoil who wins, but they both throw some pretty devastating punches at one another.

In the middle of writing this review, I forgot to mention Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman. I was a little worried about the accent, but she managed to hide it so that she gave us the Wonder Woman performance we've all been waiting for. She was pretty damn good (not as good as Eisenberg or Affleck, but good).

No crucial part of the film was revealed before the screenings or the movie's release. The visuals look amazing (except for one particular scene, where the CGI looked like trash). Overall, definitely a 10/10 film.


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