August 22nd, 2014



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The life of a young man, Mason, from age 5 to age 18.

Release Year: 2014

Rating: 8.9/10 (2,389 voted)

Critic's Score: 94/100

Director: Richard Linklater

Stars: Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke

Filmed over 12 years with the same cast,

Ellar Coltrane - Mason
Patricia Arquette - Mom
Ethan Hawke - Dad
Elijah Smith - Tommy
Lorelei Linklater - Samantha
Steven Chester Prince - Ted (as Steven Prince)
Bonnie Cross - Teacher
Libby Villari - Grandma
Marco Perella - Professor Bill Welbrock
Jamie Howard - Mindy
Andrew Villarreal - Randy
Shane Graham - Neighborhood Friend #1
Tess Allen - Neighborhood Friend #2
Ryan Power - Paul
Sharee Fowler - Book Trivia Judge

Taglines: 12 years in the making


Official Website: Official Facebook | Official site

Country: USA

Language: English, Spanish

Release Date: 18 July 2014

Filming Locations: Texas, USA

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Did You Know?

Richard Linklater and his crew get together annually to film Linklater's script about a boy who will eventually grow up into a college freshman. See more »

User Review


Rating: 10/10

BOYHOOD...What a great movie! I simply believe in America again! They are also humans, guys, trust me:) Its obviously doesn't matter if you are an American, German or Russian. There are the same problems, the same ways, the same love inside us. As a Russian I must say I understand American people and also myself much much better with this movie. It was like... about me... I just COULD NOT imagine how much we are all the same.. Just love it! If I look at my childhood in the former USSR I see not much difference, the cars and houses are different, we spoke Russian, but that feeling, that pulse of life, that sometimes "lost" fathers and mothers to solve every day problems, fighting for the existence and good life for the children are so familiar to me.. That long hair and piercing.. Oh boy, its all so much alike. And those "Paul was greater than the others...". The movie is just breathing, its a three hours of fresh air!

I do not want to say much about the qualities of the movie.. It is overall brilliant. I do believe, this will be a classical film, and students all over thew world will study it in future at their film schools. P.S. Sorry for my poor English.


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