Don 2

December 22nd, 2011


Don 2

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Still of Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra in Don 2Still of Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2Still of Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2Still of Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2Still of Shah Rukh Khan in Don 2Still of Priyanka Chopra in Don 2

An international gangster turns himself in, then dramatically escapes - only to face treachery and betrayal.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 7.1/10 (10,983 voted)

Critic's Score: 49/100

Director: Farhan Akhtar

Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Florian Lukas, Om Puri

Having conquered the Asian underworld, Don (Shah Rukh Khan) now has his sights set on European domination. In his way are the bosses of the existing European underworld and all law enforcement agencies. The action shifts from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin as Don must avoid assassination or arrest, whichever comes first, in order for his plan to succeed.

Writers: Javed Akhtar, Salim Khan

Shah Rukh Khan - Don
Priyanka Chopra - Roma
Boman Irani - Vardhaan
Om Puri - CBI Officer Vishal Malik
Lara Dutta - Ayesha
Florian Lukas - Det. Jens Berkel
Kunal Kapoor - Sameer Ali
Alyy Khan - J.K. Diwan
Frank Christian Marx - Hostage
Hans-Eckart Eckhardt - President of Court
Senta Dorothea Kirschner - Hostage
Nawab Shah - Jabar (as Nawwab Shah)
Wolfgang Stegemann - Karl
Martin Goeres - Jabbar's Goon
Rike Schmid - Yana

Taglines: The Return of the King

Release Date: 22 December 2011

Filming Locations: Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany

Box Office Details

Budget: $16,700,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $2,600,000 (USA) (30 December 2011)

Gross: $3,651,699 (USA) (15 January 2012)

Did You Know?

Shah Rukh Khan will be performing his own stunts in Don 2. For this Shah Rukh needs to recover from this year's back surgery. This is why he allotted dates in 2009 to Karan Johar's My Name Is Khan. It required very little physical exertion whereas in Don 2 he has a very audacious action packed role.

Revealing mistakes: When Roma and the other Interpol officers enter DCB, Sameer informs Vardhaan about it. But, he doesn't inform Don about it. After some time, it is shown that Don already knew about it and calls Vishal Malik (Om Puri).

Don: Roma, Roma, meri junglee billi, kab tak mera peecha karti raho gi?

User Review

best action film by Bollywood

Rating: 10/10

saw the special screening of Don 2 in Dubai film festival.Frankly speaking I was stunned by the movie.Simple plot but the twists and turns in the movie were amazing.I will not reveal the plot details because you will loose interest in it.But the story is simple after becoming the underworld king of Asia,Don has targeted European underworld, the film shows the way in which Don fulfills his dream.The movie is at par with Hollywood action movies.Car chase,action,stunts,visuals were awesome.Shahrukh Khan was at his best,he gave a special feeling to the movie.But Boman Irani,Priyanka Chopra,Kunal Kapoor have also done a great job.Nawab Shah was also outstanding, he deserves a special applause. In the end Don 2 is a fine made product with an open ending.It is a must watch this holiday season.Farhan Akhtar has once again proved that he is a fine director.His directing skills are awesome, he should direct more movies.


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