September 19th, 2017



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Release Year: 2017

Rating: 9.6/10 ( voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Christopher Nolan

Stars: Fionn Whitehead, Damien Bonnard, Aneurin Barnard

Evacuation of Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, and France, who were cut off and surrounded by the German army from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 26- June 04, 1940, during Battle of France in World War II.

Fionn Whitehead - Tommy
Damien Bonnard - French Soldier
Aneurin Barnard - Gibson
Lee Armstrong - Grenadier
James Bloor - Irate Soldier
Barry Keoghan - George
Mark Rylance - Mr. Dawson
Tom Glynn-Carney - Peter
Tom Hardy - Farrier
Jack Lowden - Collins
Luke Thompson - Warrant Officer
Michel Biel - French Soldier 2
Constantin Balsan - French Soldier 3
Billy Howle - Petty Officer
Mikey Collins - Soldier

Taglines: Surrounded.


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Country: Netherlands, UK, France, USA

Language: English, French, German

Release Date: 3 Jan 2017

Filming Locations: Plage de Malo-les-Bains, Dunkerque, Nord, France

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Did You Know?

A modified two-seater Yak-52 was used to portray a Spitfire so that the actor and actual pilot could switch between seats depending on the shot that needed to be made. See more »


User Review


Rating: 10/10

"Dunkirk" tells the story of a group of allied soldiers from Belgium, France, and the British Empire. When they find themselves surrounded by the Germany army on the beaches of Dunkirk, the film follows the story of the evacuation of 400,000 during the early stages of World War II.boasting an incredible cast, Christopher Nolan allows his players to internalize the fear and emotion, and allow them to express it in the most aromatic and penetrating demeanor's. As Tommy, Fionn Whitehead makes an astounding mark in his feature film debut. With no true lead in the movie, his point of view is often a crutch for the audience to rest upon, as his internalization of the character is one of the film's most pivotal high points.It is gripping from its very opening moments, in which we see soldiers getting picked off by invisible snipers in the middle of the titular town as propaganda flyers shower from overhead, announcing to the British, French, Canadian, Belgian and Dutch troops that they are hopelessly penned in by the Germans.

The evacuation took days, and combined large ships taking people off the Mole with small requisitioned commercial vessels collecting soldiers from the shallows. All the time, the troops subject to aerial assault on the beach and in the water, and the risk of being torpedoes once aboard. The scale of the battle was thus immense - with the RAF flying 3,500 sorties and engaging the Luftwaffe in dogfights away from the beach (hence many soldiers wondering where they were) - 36 Royal Navy destroyers ferrying men home as well as the Small Ships flotilla - and c340,000 soldiers ultimately evacuated. It was both a great military failure and a success - because as humiliating as the lost Battle of France was, it enabled Britain to survive to fight on with its men and materiel largely intact.

We are in the early months of World War Two. Ignoring captured intelligence to German plans, French, Canadian and British and other allied troops have been lured into Belgium by a German feint and have now been encircled and driven back to the French coast. Roughly 340,000 men - the principal strength of the British army - crowded the beach at Dunkirk - a port protected by a mole, or sea wall, from which they could board the large vessels sent to ferry them back across the English channel. In doing so, they were hugely aided by the French forces tangling up the German troops sent to cut them off at the Siege of Lille. They were also hugely aided by Hitler's inexplicable decision to order the Luftwaffe not to pursue the troops.

Christopher Nolan makes the decision to avoid all of this explanation, and to give us a Dunkirk that focuses on the personal experiences of the war by land, sea and air. These theaters are inter-cut but take place along different time-scales. The land evacuation takes place over the week, although frankly days merge into each other and I couldn't keep track. The sea rescue takes place over a day and the RAF dogfight takes place over an hour, roughly corresponding to a Spitfire's fuel limit.

The sea battle is also done very well from a technical perspective. We get a sense of the claustrophobia of being aboard ship, the shell-shock and the terror of a watery death, especially when combined with lit gasoline. I thought the acting was by far the best in this segment. I very much liked Mark Rylance's quiet earnestness as a civilian sailor sailing to Dunkirk with his son - the quiet communication between the two of them with glances - the profound sympathy toward Cillian Murphy's traumatised rescued RAF pilot. And the scene of soldiers drowning under a fiery sea is one of the most memorable and rightly horrific in the film

Dunkirk is edge of your seat filmmaking that's fully realized in IMAX. Can honestly say I've never seen anything like it. See this in IMAX! A lot of people were wondering about Harry_styles & unknown cast. They're all great but Dunkirk is not about any one solider. Also 'Dunkirk' is another brilliant collaboration between Nolan & HansZimmer. The way he mixes in a ticking clock with score is nail biting. Truly thrilling from first to last second. A heartbreaking, heart-pounding, nail-biting offering. Nolan fans, rejoice. DUNKIRK relies on v little dialogue, but is entirely imperatively. We all know what happened on that beach, but Nolan's take is worth visiting. Yes, DUNKIRK relies heavily on sound of an increasingly fast ticking clock to build suspense. It may be a cheap trick, but it's effective AF.Oscar pedigree is too much to ignore. Director Christopher Nolan's World War II epic Dunkirk features Academy Award winner Mark Rylance as an ordinary man showing uncommon courage under fire, and Oscar nominees Tom Hardy and Kenneth Branagh (as, respectively, a fighter pilot and a Naval commander). The score is by Hans Zimmer, a 10- time Oscar nominee with one win. Then there's the thrice Oscar-nominated Nolan himself. Overall it's a great adventure.


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