En man som heter Ove

September 27th, 2016


En man som heter Ove

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Release Year: 2015

Rating: 7.6/10 ( voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Hannes Holm

Stars: Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars, Zozan Akgün

59 year old Ove is the block's grumpy man who several years earlier was deposed as president of the condominium association, but he could not give a damn about being deposed and therefore keeps looking over the neighborhood with an iron fist. When pregnant Parvaneh and her family moves into the terraced house opposite and accidentally backs into Ove's mailbox it turns out to be an unexpected friendship. A drama comedy about unexpected friendship, love and the importance of surrounding yourself with the proper tools.

Writers: Fredrik Backman, Hannes Holm, Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars, Zozan Akgün, Rolf Lassgård, Bahar Pars, Zozan Akgün, Tobias Almborg, Viktor Baagøe, Filip Berg, Anna-Lena Brundin, Lasse Carlsson, Karin de Frumerie, Simon Edenroth, Ida Engvoll, Fredrik Evers, Jerker Fahlström, Johan Friberg, Anna Granath, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Rolf Lassgård - Ove
Bahar Pars - Parvaneh
Zozan Akgün - Nasanin
Tobias Almborg - Patrik
Viktor Baagøe - Ove 7 år
Filip Berg - Ove som ung
Anna-Lena Brundin - Journalisten Lena (as Anna-Lena Bergelin)
Lasse Carlsson - Oves kollega
Karin de Frumerie - Oves Läkare
Simon Edenroth - Adrian
Ida Engvoll - Sonja
Fredrik Evers - Anders
Jerker Fahlström - Konduktören
Johan Friberg - Direktören
Anna Granath - Clownen Beppo

Taglines: Misery Hates Company.


Official Website: Official site [Japan] | official webpage

Country: Sweden

Language: Swedish, Persian

Release Date: 3 Jan 2015

Filming Locations: Trollhättan, Västra Götalands län, Sweden

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Did You Know?

Official submission of Sweden for the 'Best Foreign Language Film' category of the 89th Academy Awards in 2017. See more »

During the movie we get to see all popular models of Saab and Volvo. However the registration plates on some cars are too modern. One example is the light blue Volvo 142/144 that has a sign issued more than 20 years after the car was made. See more »


User Review


Rating: 10/10

This movie is about an old man that appears to be grumpy. The story gradually reveals his back-story in a masterful way to explain his behaviour that will probably change your opinion of the main character.

I can honestly say that I have never before felt such a strong connection to a character in a movie. This is an absolute masterpiece.

The directing of the movie is also great. It's easy to understand who is who and when a flashback occurs even if you have not read the book.

The greatness of the movie will be most appreciated if you understand Swedish, but even if you depend on subtitles it will still be a gem that you should not miss out on.

I am very conservative with rating movies 10/10, but this one I think truly deserves it!


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