Filth and Wisdom

September 17th, 2008


Filth and Wisdom

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A comedy centered on three flatmates living desperate lives in London.

Release Year: 2008

Rating: 5.1/10 (1,521 voted)

Critic's Score: 26/100

Director: Madonna

Stars: Eugene Hutz, Holly Weston, Vicky McClure

In London, A.K. is a Ukrainian Gypsy, seeking fame as a rocker, doing odd jobs: he's a dom, drives a hack, and runs errands for his neighbor, a poet full of self pity since going blind. A.K's flatmates are Holly, a ballerina who becomes a reluctant stripper in need of coaching, and Juliette, a pill-popping assistant at a pharmacy run by an Indian tired of his marriage. Juliette, estranged from her family, dreams of helping the poor children of Africa; A.K. has a crush on Holly; Juliette's boss lusts after her. Her hapless sister calls from time to time. The poet despairs. Is there a route from filth to wisdom for these souls? Can they find fun and fulfillment? A.K. provides philosophical comment.

Writers: Madonna, Dan Cadan

Eugene Hutz - A.K.
Holly Weston - Holly
Vicky McClure - Juliette
Richard E. Grant - Professor Flynn
Inder Manocha - Sardeep
Elliot Levey - Business Man
Francesca Kingdon - Francine
Clare Wilkie - Chloe
Stephen Graham - Harry Beechman
Hannah Walters - Business Man's Wife
Shobu Kapoor - Sardeep's Wife
Ade - DJ
Guy Henry - Lorcan O'Niell
Nunzio Palmara - Nunzio
George Keeler - Frail Man


Official Website: Official site [Japan] | La Fabrique de Films [France] |

Release Date: 17 September 2008

Filming Locations: London, England, UK

Box Office Details

Budget: £1,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $22,406 (USA) (23 November 2008)

Technical Specs

Runtime: UK: (PAL Version)

Continuity: In the scene where Juliette is talking to A.K and is angry at him she is wearing suspenders. However, when the camera pans to the back of her head her suspenders are not visible.

A.K.: When I die, I'm going to go straight to Heaven. And you are going to ask me why. Did I pray enough? No. Did I share enough? Not really. Was I humble enough? Definantly not. So what makes you so sure you're going straight to Heaven, you ask. And I will tell you: because I told the truth.

User Review

Good movie, very underrated! See it for yourself!

Rating: 7/10

I really liked the film. I admit I almost didn't go to see it because of all the bad press, but Im happy I did. And for those who haven't seen it and consider not to based on all the criticism, you really should go and see it for yourself.

I wonder what these critics were really expecting? Something a little more Hollywood? And what do you consider to be a "good" movie, if you don't seem to like this one very much?

I found the movie to be very honest. The only part I wasn't so convinced of was the the blind guy, his facial expressions didn't match the character, I think he smiled too much.

But other than that, where is the problem? Have any of you ever worked as a Dominatrix or known any sex workers? Or professional dancers who turned to working at a strip club to earn a living? You say "cliché" but often clichés/stereotypes exist for a reason, because actual human beings (re)act in certain ways in certain situations.

I think Madonna should feel proud of her work here! It was inspiring in its way, regardless of what some might say.


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