From Prada to Nada

January 28th, 2011


From Prada to Nada

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Still of Alexa Vega in From Prada to NadaStill of Alexa Vega in From Prada to NadaKuno Becker at event of From Prada to NadaStill of Alexa Vega in From Prada to NadaStill of Wilmer Valderrama and Alexa Vega in From Prada to NadaStill of Camilla Belle and Alexa Vega in From Prada to Nada

A Latina spin on Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," where two spoiled sisters who have been left penniless after their father's sudden death are forced to move in with their estranged aunt in East Los Angeles.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 4.9/10 (4,350 voted)

Critic's Score: 39/100

Director: Angel Gracia

Stars: Camilla Belle, Alexa Vega, Kuno Becker

When their dad dies on his 55th birthday, Beverley Hills sisters, Mary and Nora, find themselves destitute, forced by a grasping sister-in-law to move in with their aunt in East L.A. Mary, the younger sister, is mortified: spoiled by her dad, ignorant of Spanish, scared of the vatos. Her sister convinces her to finish college, and she promptly decides that one of her T.A.s will be her ticket back to Rodeo Drive. Elder sister Nora, a law student, gets a job as a legal intern, and Edward, her supervisor, the brother of the grasping sister-in-law, promptly falls for her. Slowly, the sisters realize what a rich place the barrio is at the same time that they get bruised in the contact sport of love.

Writers: Fina Torres, Luis Alfaro

Camilla Belle - Nora Dominguez
Alexa Vega - Mary Dominguez
Tina French - Old Librarian
Luis Rosales - Juanito
Pablo Martínez de Velasco - Pablo the Gardener
Alexis Ayala - Gabriel Dominguez Sr.
Norma Reyna - Carmina
Adriana Barraza - Aurelia Jimenez
Catalina López - Trinita
José María Negri - Benjamin Kerensky
Mario Zaragoza - Federico
Pablo Cruz - Gabriel Dominguez Jr.
April Bowlby - Olivia
Nicholas D'Agosto - Edward Ferris
Begoña Narváez - Carry Sullivan

Taglines: A Riches to Rags Story


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Release Date: 28 January 2011

Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

Opening Weekend: $1,115,638 (USA) (30 January 2011) (256 Screens)

Gross: $3,016,244 (USA) (27 March 2011)

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Runtime: USA:

Factual errors: During the Mexican Independence Day party,Mary goes up to Bruno to dance. He throws the Birds of Paradise, which she catches. She then says not to waste the state flower, because there's a drought. California's state flower is the California Poppy, not the Birds of Paradise.

Nora Dominguez: I avoid relationships because I can't count on them.

User Review

A very real and unique story

Rating: 8/10

I am no expert on this genre, but I'd have to say that "From Prada to Nada" is a notch above most of the romantic comedies that are out there This is a witty and realistic romantic comedy waiting for you. I was glad I had a chance to see this film earlier because I'm certain there will be a lot of "naysayers" out there that will dissuade others from seeing it, but to me, this seems like a perfect film for discussion with a circle of good friends.

Unlike other films coming from the genre, this film not only has witty dialog and cleverness without being too sentimental but it takes on the subject of the Hispanic society with just the right touch.

The actors involved, of course, have a lot to do with the making of a good film and overall, the actors are perfect for their roles, each one of them bringing a dose of reality to the screen.

Not everyone is going to get this film but in my opinion, "From Prada to Nada" is a highly enjoyable movie that surprisingly has something for everyone.


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