Grave of the Fireflies

April 16th, 1988


Grave of the Fireflies

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Grave of the FirefliesGrave of the FirefliesGrave of the FirefliesGrave of the FirefliesGrave of the Fireflies

A tragic film covering a young boy and his little sister's struggle to survive in Japan during World War II.

Release Year: 1988

Rating: 8.4/10 (50,439 voted)

Director: Isao Takahata

Stars: Tsutomu Tatsumi, Ayano Shiraishi, Akemi Yamaguchi

Setsuko and Seita are brother and sister living in wartime Japan. After their mother is killed in an air raid they find a temporary home with relatives. Having quarreled with their aunt they leave the city and make their home in an abandoned shelter. While their soldier father's destiny is unknown, the two must depend on each other to somehow keep a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. When everything is in short supply, they gradually succumb to hunger and their only entertainment is the light of the fireflies.

Writers: Akiyuki Nosaka, Isao Takahata

Tsutomu Tatsumi - Seita (voice)
Ayano Shiraishi - Setsuko (voice)
Yoshiko Shinohara - Mother (voice)
Akemi Yamaguchi - Aunt (voice)
Rhoda Chrosite - Setsuko (voice: English version)
Shannon Conley - Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Crispin Freeman - Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Dan Green - Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Amy Jones - Aunt (voice: English version)
George Leaver - Additional Voices (voice: English version)
J. Robert Spencer - Seita (voice: English version)
Nick Sullivan - Additional Voices (voice: English version)
Veronica Taylor - Mother (voice: English version)

Release Date: 16 April 1988

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Did You Know?

In South Korea, the release of the movie was postponed indefinitely because of the concern that the movie somewhat justified Japan's role in World War II.

[first lines]
Seita: September 21, 1945... that was the night I died.

User Review

A Beautiful Unforgettable Masterpiece that shows the true cost of war.

Rating: 10/10

I decided to watch Grave of the Fireflies yesterday. My friends told me it was extremely moving and sad. I hesitated at first, but then I said "Oh well, I'll give it a try." At the end of the film, I was crying my eyes out. This was the best animated film, I've ever seen.This is a moving depiction of the fates of cast-off children who become casualties of war.

This movie isn't your regular Animated Film. Pixar and Disney put films out there with happy endings. I'm not saying there bad films at all. They are also great pieces of work. But Grave of the Fireflies tells you the truth. This movie isn't trying to entertain you. It wants to inform you about how war is really like. There were many moments in the movie, that just brought me to tears.

I am kind of upset, that this movie didn't get many awards as it should. In that regards, it is VERY underrated and it is kind of thrown apart. When it should really be respected and praise it. If this movie was made in our time period right now. I would be 100% sure this would of Won an Oscar for Best Animated Film. This is Studio Ghilbi's best movie they have ever released.

I truly advice you to bring a handkerchief, cause chances are that you will cry.

An Emotional Epic Animated Film, that I recommend everyone to watch.

Quite Simply 10/10


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