May 20th, 1994



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Bret Maverick, needing money for a poker tournament, faces various comic mishaps and challenges, including a charming woman thief.

Release Year: 1994

Rating: 6.9/10 (45,371 voted)

Director: Richard Donner

Stars: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, James Garner

Maverick is recreated from the character James Garner created in the 1950s TV program. Maverick is a gambler who would rather con someone than fight them. He needs an additional three thousand dollars in order to enter a Winner Take All poker game that begins in a few days. He tries to win some, tries to collect a few debts, and recover a little loot for the reward, all with a light hearted air. He joins forces with a woman gambler with a marvelous, though fake, southern accent as the two both try and enter the game.

Writers: Roy Huggins, William Goldman

Mel Gibson - Bret Maverick
Jodie Foster - Annabelle Bransford
James Garner - Marshal Zane Cooper
Graham Greene - Joseph
Alfred Molina - Angel
James Coburn - Commodore Duvall
Dub Taylor - Room Clerk
Geoffrey Lewis - Matthew Wicker / Eugene, Banker
Paul L. Smith - The Archduke
Dan Hedaya - Twitchy, Riverboat Poker Player
Dennis Fimple - Stuttering
Denver Pyle - Old Gambler on Riverboat
Clint Black - Sweet-Faced Gambler
Max Perlich - Johnny Hardin
Art LaFleur - Poker Player (as Art La Fleur)

Taglines: In their hands, a deck of cards was the only thing more dangerous than a gun.

Release Date: 20 May 1994

Filming Locations: Beacon Rock, Columbia River Gorge, Washington, USA

Gross: $101,631,272 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Final film of Leo Gordon.

Continuity: in the scene where the Indians approach the wagon train, and Maverick tells them to fire their rifles, they each do so repeatedly, without re-cocking them between each shot. They are using lever-cock rifles.

Annabelle: [speaking in a very southern drawl] A shouldn't be doin' this.
Maverick: You're just standing in the hallway, Mrs. Bransford, I think that's still legal in this state.

User Review

Vastly underrated, charming movie

Rating: 9/10

As a kid, I used to watch reruns of the original "Maverick" -- and so I looked forward to seeing this one when it came out in the theaters. I was NOT disappointed! Mel Gibson's Maverick is a bit more goofy than James Garner's, but is every bit as charming, sly, and entertaining. A number of excellent cameos provide some comic relief, especially Danny Glover near the beginning of the movie. But by far the best casting is reserved for the original Maverick, James Garner, who is cast in a featured role, and who has surprises in store for darn near everyone. Most movies remade from old TV series ignore the stars that made them popular enough to BE remade -- kudos to the producers of this film, who apparently know better.

Other roles are filled capably; the biggest surprise for me was Jodie Foster, whom I normally dislike on screen. She is very impressive in a rare comedic role, and thankfully discards her repetoire of facial tics for a much more natural performance here. The plot is kept pretty simple until near the end -- and the end has a great twist, which I won't divulge. Suffice it to say that your time will be well spent, and you'll want to revisit Maverick country more than once.


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