Midnight Chronicles

January 3rd, 2010


Midnight Chronicles

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Midnight ChroniclesMidnight ChroniclesMidnight ChroniclesMidnight ChroniclesStill of Charles Hubbell in Midnight ChroniclesMidnight Chronicles

In the world of MIDNIGHT, it is a time of overwhelming darkness. After three ages of scheming and war...

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 3.9/10 (610 voted)

Director: Christian T. Petersen

Stars: Charles Hubbell, Matt Amendt, Steve Sweere

In the world of MIDNIGHT, it is a time of overwhelming darkness. After three ages of scheming and war, the dark god Izrador has finally defeated the heroes and armies of the free races. Now, he rules the world of Aryth with an iron fist. Enslaved under the Shadow, the race of men leads an oppressed existence, and the elves and dwarves have retreated to distant forests and mountains, where their desperate resistance is slowly succumbing to the unyielding might of the Shadow. Investigating the disappearance of a legate priest, the infamous Mag Kiln has been ordered by the church to travel to the small Erenlander town of Blackweir. There, he soon becomes entangled in an old mystery and begins to uncover not only the forbidden legacy of the town, but the malevolent, prophetic force that grows within him. MIDNIGHT CHRONICLES is the epic narrative that tells the tale of two legendary characters -- one for the cause of good...

Writers: Christian T. Petersen, Greg Benage

Charles Hubbell - Mag Kiln
Matt Amendt - Gaelen
Steve Sweere - Morrec
Dawn Brodey - Chuzara
Sam L. Landman - Kruce
Melissa Anne Murphy - Iana
Joseph Papke - Deleth
Richard Ooms - Geddon & Grimnor
Claudia Wilkens - Mayor Lesher
Pat Hammond - Dolan
Karen Wiese-Thompson - The Magistrate
Emily Fradenburgh - Crawlis
Bonni Allen - Shai
Mike Ascher - Hero
Chars Bonin - Rebel Leader

Taglines: The Shadow will fall.


Official Website: Official site |

Release Date: 3 Jan 2010

Filming Locations: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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Runtime: USA:

Did You Know?

This is a live-action TV pilot based on the popular role-playing game by Fantasy Flight Games.

User Review

No plot development.

Rating: 2/10

I saw this on the the TV 'on demand' from Virgin-Media. I only watched from seeing the high votes on here (silly me). The VFX, sets, and most costumes were really good! They shined away as the background to terrible dialogue, bored actors, and some very dodgy camera work. It was also very boring, it tried to keep you interested by promising a move in the plot, but no. Even the so called witty/funny guy struggles through fun-less lines. They all just read it like they were in some soulless place, and embarrassing soulless place. Every time something builds up to a thickened plot possibility, it skips to another thread, and even introduces pointless new characters all along the way. ...Until right at the end, when nothing happens and it just stops! Daily TV soaps are better written than this. Too many writers with too few good ideas perhaps?

I gave it 2/10 (which means to me 10/10 for FX guys, and 0 for everything else)...Sorry, but I'll have my money back thanks.

Funny bit in film: There's an Elf-man type that sits about a lot in a cave frowning, being completely useless, and at one point there's a drunk that's shouting and giving the posse away to the towns people, and the Elf just stands there watching, then someone asks to borrow his bow, and the Elf just hands it over without much persuading then runs away, why the guy doesn't follow them, I don't know. Then guy falls down a well with a great splashing sound, where we see him at the bottom of the DRY well, with no water around at all!


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