Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

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Nausicaä of the Valley of the WindNausicaä of the Valley of the WindNausicaä of the Valley of the WindNausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Warrior/pacifist Princess Nausicaä desperately struggles to prevent two warring nations from destroying themselves and their dying planet.

Release Year: 1984

Rating: 8.1/10 (32,568 voted)

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Stars: Sumi Shimamoto, Mahito Tsujimura, Hisako Kyôda

In the far future, man has destroyed the Earth in the "Seven Days of Fire". Now, there are small pockets of humanity that survive. One pocket is the Valley of Wind where a princess named Nausicaä tries to understand, rather than destroy the Toxic Jungle. Note that the old US release titled Warriors of the Wind is an entirely kiddiefied version which edits the original movie heavily, thus creating an entirely different story. -Andre

Writers: Hayao Miyazaki, Hayao Miyazaki

Sumi Shimamoto - Nausicaä (voice)
Mahito Tsujimura - Jihl (voice)
Hisako Kyôda - Oh-Baba (voice)
Gorô Naya - Yupa (voice)
Ichirô Nagai - Mito (voice)
Kôhei Miyauchi - Goru (voice)
Jôji Yanami - Gikkuri (voice)
Minoru Yada - Niga (voice)
Rihoko Yoshida - Teto / Girl C (voice)
Masako Sugaya - Girl A (voice)
Takako Sasuga - Girl B (voice)
Chika Sakamoto - Boy A (voice)
Tarako - Boy B (voice)
Yôji Matsuda - Asbel (voice)
Mîna Tominaga - Rastel (voice)

Taglines: A band of young warriors on the wings of their greatest challenge! (USA 1986 "Warriors of the Wind")


Official Website: Disney [United States] | Official site |

Release Date: 11 March 1984

Technical Specs

Runtime:  | USA: (edited version) (1985)

Did You Know?

Hayao Miyazaki was so upset by the original international cut version that he sent a samurai sword to the Executive at Disney with a simple note which read: "No cuts."

Revealing mistakes: During the invasion of The Valley of the Wind one of the large carrier planes is seen moving backwards.

Yupa: I suggest you surrender. There is no ship coming to rescue you.
Commando: This guy is tough...

User Review

A masterpiece, if you can find the real version

Rating: 10/10

First off, let me state emphatically that I'm referring to the REAL version of the film, not the pathetic crippled creature distributed as "Warriors of the Wind" on video. Although I must admit that I first fell in love with the movie in that form, I have now seen the full subtitled version, and I place a hideous curse on those who hacked over 20 minutes from its running time.

Although the incredible "Princess Mononoke" later upstaged this early work in terms of art and detail, in many ways I still prefer "Nausicaa". Its imaginitive and well-conceived world puts me in mind of Dune with its feuding factions, its giant creatures, and its strong ecological message. Even with a rather long running time, the story moves very briskly (boiled down as it was from a very lengthy manga series). The music deserves special mention, as well, as it is a large step up from the electronic pop stylings of most anime.

If you can get your hands on a copy of the original version, you'll find it more than worth the effort.


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