January 3rd, 2011



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A true crime writer investigating a small town murder spree uncovers the devastating truth that changes the town forever.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 3.6/10 (187 voted)

Director: Lance Kawas

Stars: Mark Bierlein, Tom Arnold, Dave Davies

A true crime writer investigating a small town murder spree uncovers the devastating truth that changes the town forever.

Writers: Mark Bierlein, Lance Kawas

Mark Bierlein - Alex Forrester / Bryan Spikes
Tom Arnold - Tom Lipnity
Dave Davies - Jason
Michael F. Gillespie - Lance William
Michael Robert Brandon - Detective Davis / Frank Lawson (as Michael R. Brandon)
Milica Govich - Real Estate Woman
Shena Adl - Clara's Cashier
Steve Kosinski - Dr. Pinklady
Robert Skrok - Middle Aged Man
Dennis North - Chief Winters
Joseph Kathrein - Miles
Kevin Yon - Boardmember
Tiren Jhames - Suspicious Pedestrian
Lance Kawas - Doctor (as Lance KR Kawas)
Jimmy Doom - Hillbilly

Taglines: Revenge Has No Limits


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Release Date: 3 Jan 2011

Filming Locations: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Continuity: Alex's wrist watch comes off and is clearly seen on the floor when he is thrown down at beginning of stair case fight scene, but is back on wrist in the middle of the scene and at the end when he comes back, retrieves his pistol and goes looking for Youngstown.

User Review

An utter waste of time

Rating: 1/10

Like another reviewer, I would have rated this movie with a negative number if that were available. Never, never, never again will I watch a movie where the "executive producer," writer and star are the same guy who you never heard of before. This movie is an example of what somebody with too much money and absolutely no acting talent what so ever can do. The professional actors all dealt in a professional manner with the crappy dialog they were given, but Mark Bierlein has no business being involved with show business as an actor or writer. His only other movie, "Street Boss," rated 3.1 on IMDb, was another one where he was the executive producer, writer, and star (what a surprise!)probably because nobody else would risk funding the drivel that he writes.

I got the movie because of William Sadler and Mena Suvari, both fine actors, and because C. Thomas Howell and even Tom Arnold are OK to good actors, but I didn't know who Mark Bierlein was. Now that I do, I'll be on the look out to avoid anything involving this guy in ANY capacity.


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