Small Town Murder Songs

September 22nd, 2011


Small Town Murder Songs

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Still of Peter Stormare in Small Town Murder SongsStill of Jill Hennessy in Small Town Murder SongsStill of Martha Plimpton and Peter Stormare in Small Town Murder SongsStill of Peter Stormare in Small Town Murder SongsStill of Peter Stormare in Small Town Murder SongsStill of Peter Stormare and Jill Hennessy in Small Town Murder Songs

A modern, gothic tale of crime and redemption about an aging police officer from a small Ontario Mennonite town who hides a violent past until a local murder upsets the calm of his newly reformed life.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 5.9/10 (1,128 voted)

Critic's Score: 66/100

Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly

Stars: Jill Hennessy, Amy Rutherford, Peter Stormare

Walter is the chief of police in a small Ontario town that has its first murder victim, an attractive young woman who is found naked on the shores of the nearby lake. The woman isn't local and while the Ontario Provincial Police have taken the lead in the investigation, Walter assists where he can. The town is mostly a close-knit Mennonite community and Walter has recently returned to his church. He is also trying to deal with his own temper that led to a violent incident some months before. As the young woman is identified, it becomes apparent that Walter's former love interest may be lying.

Jill Hennessy - Rita
Amy Rutherford - Ava
Peter Stormare - Walter
Vladimir Bondarenko - Deacon
Stephen Eric McIntyre - Steve (as Eric McIntyre)
Martha Plimpton - Sam
Aaron Poole - Jim
Ari Cohen - Washington
Trent McMullen - Officer Kevin
Erin Brandenburg - Officer Michelle
Kat Germain - Jenny
Jessica Clement - Deb
Andrew Penner - Worker 1
Alan Penner - Worker 2
John Penner - John Penner


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Release Date: 22 September 2011

Filming Locations: Conestoga Lake, Ontario, Canada

Gross: $30,858 (USA) (14 August 2011)

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Did You Know?

Jackie Burroughs final film.

Miscellaneous: In the credit for the song "Here Comes the Comet," written is misspelled as "wriiten."

User Review

Crime Drama -Character Driven

Rating: 8/10

I read the review posted that bashes this movie that review could not be more wrong. I just watched this movie and could not be more impressed.

This movie is very different from standard police fare, it is concerned with the characters in the story not just the crime drama.

If you hate what Michael Bay (Transformers director) movies, this is the movie for you. Characters should matter in a movie not special effects.

Canada, you should be very proud of this movie.

Hollywood take note. Your movies may make more money but they're not better.


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