November 26th, 2009



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An ode to love.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.6/10 (2,115 voted)

Director: Reinout Oerlemans

Stars: Carice van Houten, Anna Drijver, Barry Atsma

Writers: Gert Embrechts, Kluun

Carice van Houten - Carmen
Anna Drijver - Roos
Barry Atsma - Stijn
Jeroen Willems - Frenk
Pierre Bokma - Huisarts
Eline Van der Velden - Champagne Girl (voice)
David Lucieer - Doktersassistent
Beppie Melissen - Moeder Carmen
Sacha Bulthuis - Dokter Scheltema
Wendell Jaspers - Anne
Yfke Wegman - Luna
Mark Scholten - Thomas
Walid Benmbarek - Ramon
Steef Cuijpers - Taxichauffeur
Samuel Hubner -

Taglines: An ode to love.


Official Website: Official site |

Release Date: 26 November 2009

Filming Locations: Kasteel De Haar, Haarzuilens, Utrecht, Netherlands

Box Office Details

Budget: €3,675,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: €1,295,552 (Netherlands) (29 November 2009) (116 Screens)

Gross: €9,145,352 (Netherlands) (28 February 2010)

Did You Know?

The Dutch title (Komt een vrouw bij de dokter) actually means "a woman goes to the doctor", which is the opening sentence of many jokes.

User Review

Raw and beautiful

Rating: 8/10

I went to see this film without high expectations, with the story well known throughout the country for many years. I was pleasantly surprised with the way they decided to tell the dramatic tale of Stijn, who is married to Carmen (another great role by Carice van Houten) and sees their perfect life collapsing when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Stijn is unable to handle his new life: going in and out of a hospital, watching his wife throw up all the time, losing her hair because of chemo and finally having her breast amputated. He finds comfort in another woman, Roos and slowly but surely he falls in love with her. At first you might hate Stijn for what he is doing - cheating on his wife while she is dying of cancer. But afterwards you slowly begin to understand how he must feel: he loves Carmen, but he can't stand watching here being destroyed by cancer. For him, Roos is his 'cancerfree zone' where he can feel good again, as life was before the horrible diagnosis. Where the beginning of the film is merely okay it gets better as the story develops. It may seem like a standard Dutch film at first (a lot of nudity) but towards the end it shows its real strength, with Carmen losing her fight against the disease and Stijn deciding he wants to be there for her. The final scenes between Stijn, Carmen and their five year old daughter Luna are simply beautiful. It is in the end that the movie delivers and makes everyone understand the tag line: an ode to love. The whole film is a constant battle between love and cancer and eventually, in some way, love turns out to be the stronger of the two. Definitely a must see!


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