July 16th, 2016



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Release Year: 2016

Rating: 7.1/10 ( voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Stars: Salman Khan, Marko Zaror, Anushka Sharma

Sultan is a story of Sultan Ali Khan - a local wrestling champion with the world at his feet as he dreams of representing India at the Olympics. It's a story of Aarfa - a feisty young girl from the same small town as Sultan with her own set of dreams. When the 2 local wrestling legends lock horns, romance blossoms and their dreams and aspirations become intertwined and aligned. However, the path to glory is a rocky one and one must fall several times before one stands victorious - More often than not, this journey can take a lifetime. Sultan is a classic underdog tale about a wrestlers journey, looking for a comeback by defeating all odds staked up against him. But when he has nothing to lose and everything to gain in this fight for his life match... Sultan must literally fight for his life. Sultan believes he's got what it takes... but this time, it's going to take everything he's got.

Marko Zaror - Marcus
Salman Khan - Sultan Ali Khan
Anushka Sharma - Aarfa
Randeep Hooda - Sultan's coach
Ron Smoorenburg - Ron
Marrese Crump - Marrese
Amit Sadh - Sultan's Friend Govind
Tyron Woodley - Tyron
Björn Freiberg - Pilot
Brahim Achabbakhe - Brahim

Taglines: Wrestling is not a sport. Its about fighting what lies within.


Official Website: Official Site | Sultan Facebook |

Country: India

Language: Hindi

Release Date: 3 Jan 2016

Box Office Details

Budget: INR 700,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $1,009,351 (USA) (7 July 2016)

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Did You Know?

Mithun Chakraborthy and Dharmendra starred in a film titled "Sultaan" in 2000. See more »

User Review



Am not here to give a speech !! Am able to use my intelligence and nobody can't take that away from me! Media of India is known for twisting the words and lines to make a story bigger than it really is cos of extra benefits & TRPs ; and this time TIMES NOW's Editor- in-Chief Arnab Goswami tried everything to put Salman's image down in front of the general public but failed to destroy SALMAN KHAN's super-stardom ! Cos every conspiracy has a expiration! So Sad !! :D

There are many special qualities of a classic film and this one has them all. This movie was truly incredible. When I entered the theater I was hoping to see a movie that I would add to my favorites list. A movie that would have many different emotions. I was hoping to see a great film. The movie went above my expectations. Mr. Salman Khan clearly delivers one of his most stunning performances and projects convincing emotion in his demonstration of an internal struggle. Miss Anushka Sharma was finally given a role in which she could flex some acting muscles after the disasters that were her lines in Bombay Velvet. The SULTAN script was amazing, along with the directing. The screenplay is top notch and you really feel for it all. The visual effects are standard, but that is just fine. It doesn't make a difference either way. I love stories that provide us with gentle reminders and this is a great one. It's a wonderfully simple lesson about anticipation, patience and consideration. I praise both Salman and Anushka for a very touching movie that I will always remember. Double thumbs up to Yash Raj Films and Ali Abbas Zafar for teaming up and offering this life changing piece of cinema. It's a deeply satisfying movie that makes you understand the importance of HOPE. Highly Recommended !


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