The Hunger

April 29th, 1983


The Hunger

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The Egyptian vampire lady Miriam subsists upon the blood of her lovers. In return the guys or girls don't age...

Release Year: 1983

Rating: 6.3/10 (9,218 voted)

Director: Tony Scott

Stars: Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, Susan Sarandon

The Egyptian vampire lady Miriam subsists upon the blood of her lovers. In return the guys or girls don't age... until Miriam has enough of them. Unfortunately that's currently the case with John, so his life expectancy is below 24 hours. Desperately he seeks help from the famous Dr. Sarah Roberts. She doesn't really belive his story, but becomes curious and contacts Miriam ... and gets caught in her ban, too.

Writers: Ivan Davis, Michael Thomas

Catherine Deneuve - Miriam Blaylock
David Bowie - John
Susan Sarandon - Sarah Roberts
Cliff De Young - Tom Haver
Beth Ehlers - Alice Cavender
Dan Hedaya - Lieutenant Allegrezza
Rufus Collins - Charlie Humphries
Suzanne Bertish - Phyllis
James Aubrey - Ron
Ann Magnuson - Young Woman from Disco
John Stephen Hill - Young Man from Disco
Shane Rimmer - Arthur Jelinek
Bauhaus - Disco Group
Douglas Lambert - TV Host
Bessie Love - Lillybelle

Taglines: Nothing Human Loves Forever

Release Date: 29 April 1983

Filming Locations: Cromwell Tower, Barbican, London, England, UK

Opening Weekend: $1,832,898 (USA) (1 May 1983) (775 Screens)

Gross: $5,979,292 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Tony Scott sighted the photography of Irving Penn as a major influence on the visual style of the film.

Revealing mistakes: In the climactic sequence, Miriam takes a swipe at one of the cadavers, knocking its jaw off. The impact causes it to wobble, making it obvious that it is a rigid, lightweight prop.

[first lines]
John Blaylock: No ice.

User Review

Sexy vampire noir has boredom written for those of a different taste


THE HUNGER, unquestionably one of the most impressive stylized filmmaking of its kind. Using such techniques as classical music, and visual storytelling, not to mention the usage of sound as well, this sexy tale of blood, lust, and demonic dealings takes vampires to the next level. Susan Sarandon is struggling medical woman, trying to discover the secrets of natural aging. Bowie and Deneuve are well out as eternal bloodsuckers meeting a tragic end, as Bowie finds himself rotting away, slowly. Once Bowie is out of the picture, Deneuve has her sights on Sarandon(unique love scene between the two). While never failing to deliver well plotted story, this one grows boring at times, to those uneasily interested. Many incidents, which prove affective to some,are often slow and dull to others, perhaps aquired taste best describes the tone for most viewers. Playing more like a tragic drama, the creators catch most attention with an opening to hard to resist. Even the most uninterested cannot turn from the "Bela Lugosi Is Dead" act, as well as Shuberts "Trio In E Flat" oversounding the sad moments bringing the film to an automatic saddness, which never really goes away. Still, always impressive in many other ways, this film might enlighten others who need soap opera-esque escape matters. THE HUNGER may not grace some people, but others will find this one to be very thrilling in different ways. Always give the film a chance before judging too harshly, and THE HUNGER has its own way of getting attention, it got mine.


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