The Last House on the Left

March 13th, 2009


The Last House on the Left

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Still of Sara Paxton in The Last House on the LeftThe Last House on the LeftStill of Martha MacIsaac in The Last House on the LeftStill of Monica Potter in The Last House on the LeftStill of Monica Potter and Aaron Paul in The Last House on the LeftStill of Dennis Iliadis in The Last House on the Left

After kidnapping and brutally assaulting two young women, a gang led by a prison escapee unknowingly finds refuge at a vacation home belonging the parents of one of the victims -- a mother and father who devise an increasingly gruesome series of revenge tactics.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.6/10 (33,454 voted)

Critic's Score: 42/100

Director: Dennis Iliadis

Stars: Garret Dillahunt, Monica Potter, Tony Goldwyn

While being transported by two detectives in a car, the dangerous criminal Krug is rescued by his brother Francis and his girlfriend Sadie, and they brutally kill the detectives. Meanwhile Emma, her husband Dr. John and their seventeen year-old daughter Mari Collingwood head on vacation to their house nearby the lake. Mari borrows the family car to meet her friend Paige that is working in a store in the town. They befriend the teenager Justin in the store and he offers some marijuana to the pothead Paige in the motel where he is lodged. While they are smoking grass in Justin's room, Krug, who is Justin's father, Francis and Sadie arrive and abduct the girls. Krug drives Mari's car and she provokes a crash on a tree. Krug stabs Paige and rapes Mari; however Mari manages to escape, swimming in the lake, but Krug shoots her in the back. They walk through the isolated road in the woods and they reach Collingwood's house telling that they have just had a car accident...

Writers: Adam Alleca, Carl Ellsworth

Garret Dillahunt - Krug
Michael Bowen - Morton
Joshua Cox - Giles (as Josh Cox)
Riki Lindhome - Sadie
Aaron Paul - Francis
Sara Paxton - Mari
Monica Potter - Emma
Tony Goldwyn - John
Martha MacIsaac - Paige
Spencer Treat Clark - Justin
Usha Khan - Maid

Taglines: If bad people hurt someone you love, how far would you go to hurt them back?


Official Website: Official site [France] | Official site [United States] |

Release Date: 13 March 2009

Filming Locations: Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Opening Weekend: $14,118,685 (USA) (15 March 2009) (2401 Screens)

Gross: $45,482,936 (Worldwide) (8 March 2010)

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Runtime:  | (unrated version)

Did You Know?

In a March 12, 2009 Black Book interview, Sara Paxton revealed that the rape sequence took 17 hours to film.

Errors in geography: At the beginning of the film during the police car scene, triangular warning signs of the British / European Vienna Convention signs can be seen. These don't exist in the USA.

[first lines]
Morton: [telling joke to Giles] So the next week, he's even hornier. And this time, he's got twenty bucks instead of ten. He goes back to the whorehouse, he slaps down the twenty, and tells the madam he needs to get off, but he ain't going to screw no goddamn chicken this time. She says it still ain't much, but she can help. She tells him to go to the room at the top of the stairs. This time there's just a bunch of guys jerking off, but one of the jerk off guys assures him "oh hey, it's cool, it's cool" and he waves him over to this whole toilet they're all looking through...
Krug: Oh, can we stop please? I really gotta take a piss.
Morton: Fuck you.

User Review

What more can you ask of a Reboot

Rating: 7/10

I'll keep this short and sweet. This was gruesome and twistedly faithful to the original in spirit and effect. I totally expected to be the one tortured when watching, well I should have left my preconceived notions at the door. The acting was sharp, the plot devices made just enough sense that it never broke my disbelief and I admittedly had to briefly look away from some scenes.

The setup was stellar and the ending did not disappoint. I give it a 7 but if it was possible I would have given it a 7.5.

Good for the genre and great by comparison of other remakes.

I would definitely suggest it to anyone that enjoys the genre.


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