Ticket Out

January 3rd, 2011


Ticket Out

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A mother takes her children and flees an abusive ex-husband.

Release Year: 2010

Rating: 4.0/10 (145 voted)

Director: Doug Lodato

Stars: Ray Liotta, Alexandra Breckenridge, Colin Ford

A mother takes her children and flees an abusive ex-husband.

Ray Liotta - Jim
Alexandra Breckenridge - Jocelyn
Colin Ford - DJ
Ciara Bond - Mary Sue
Billy Burke - Dennis
Scott Michael Campbell - Miller
Christopher B. Duncan - Kemp
Judith Benezra - Agent Sarah Dalrymple
Michael Shamus Wiles - Danvers
Clifford Minkoff - Thompson
Eve Brent - Emma
Colleen Carey - Jocelyn's Lawyer
Chris Carlson - Budget Hotel Cop
Tom Carlson - Rusty
Bella Charleston - Maisie

Release Date: 3 Jan 2011

Filming Locations: Des Moines, Iowa, USA

User Review

Damn Fine Little Movie! Rating of 4.0 is BS from the git!~


I have seen SO many thousands of 'B' movies it would make your head swim. This a fine little gem with a minimum of nonsense and although not perfect, it never, ever makes you wish you didn't watch it. It's a B+ with heart and some soul that many of us wish more movies had. I have seen 'A' list movies far worse than this. Many in fact! Ray is great. The tension is workable. Maybe needs to be 15-20 minutes longer to work out some emotional questions and produce proper 'closure'. I give it 5.5 for execution with a 6.7 for overall intent and budget. I would watch it again for the 'Feel-Good' aspect and good acting alone. And, as much I am not a fan of 'Feel-Good' movies, this is worth a watch above most other crap of its ilk. Truly!~


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