Under Siege

October 9th, 1992


Under Siege

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A former SEAL, now cook, is the only person who can stop a gang of terrorists when they sieze control of a US Navy battleship.

Release Year: 1992

Rating: 6.3/10 (34,616 voted)

Director: Andrew Davis

Stars: Steven Seagal, Gary Busey, Tommy Lee Jones

The battleship Missouri is about to be decomissioned. Casey Ryback is Captain Adam's personal cook. And Ryback is always butting heads with the ship's XO Commander Krill but the Captain always intercedes. One day, after the President visits the Missouri, which is also the Captain's birthday, the Captain learns that a helicopter has been cleared to land on the ship by Commander Krill, which he was not informed of. When questioned Krill tells the Captain that it's a surprise for his birthday, the Captain then allows it. Later after another one of their scuffles, Krill has Ryback locked in the freezer. During the party, the rock band reveals themselves to be mercenaries, led by William Stranix, a CIA operative, who is in league with Krill to unload all of the ship's nuclear warheads. They lock up all of the crew and make preparations to remove the warheads. And Krill remembers Ryback...

Steven Seagal - Casey Ryback
Tommy Lee Jones - William Stranix
Gary Busey - Cmdr. Krill
Erika Eleniak - Jordan Tate
Colm Meaney - Doumer
Patrick O'Neal - Capt. Adams
Andy Romano - Adm. Bates
Nick Mancuso - Tom Breaker
Damian Chapa - Tackman
Troy Evans - Granger
David McKnight - Flicker
Lee Hinton - Cue Ball
Glenn Morshower - Ens. Taylor
Leo Alexander - Lt. Smart
John Rottger - Cmdr. Green

Taglines: It's not a job...It's an Adventure!

Release Date: 9 October 1992

Filming Locations: Fairhope, Alabama, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $156,400,000 (Worldwide)

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Did You Know?

Erika Eleniak, who plays Jordan Tate "Miss July 1989" actually was Playboy Playmate of the Month for July, 1989.

Continuity: When the Marine Sergeant allows CDR Krill in the Captain's office, the Sergeant's black leather hat band is properly on the brim but when he opens the door it is unexplainedly raised too high.

Taylor: Johnson, how is the Captain gonna authorize a surprise birthday party for himself?

User Review

Steven Seagal's best!!

Rating: 9/10

This is by far Seagals best film and his only one that you could truly call good. His others range from average to just plain awful, but this is a great action film. Its basically Dies Hard on a boat, but is one of the few successful Die Hard clones. Andrew Davis made this before The Fugitive, and his direction is tense and exciting, whats more he gets Seagals best performance which basically means he is slightly less wooden than usual.

The plot revolves around this Battleship which is being taken out of use. On its final run, coinciding with the captains birthday, the ship gets hi-jacked by terrorists who plan to use the nuclear weapons on board. Seagal a former Navy Seal, with more medals than a medal shop, is on board as the ships cook, as this is the only position he can occupy in the ship after he was involved in a military blunder previously. Seagal uses his skills to cause problems for the terrorists as he sets out to stop them, aided by Miss July 89 Jordan The played by the sexy and melon chested Erika Eleniak who is certainly there for her looks ahead of acting ability, she is however a cut above Seagal in the acting department.

The action in this is great, Seagals usual Aikido master class is on display as well as some good gun fights, and impressive stunts. Seagal has always had a bit of paunch but he looks a lot fitter than his recent films where he lumbers about, in his earlier films he actually seems in some sort of shape and actually looks tough.

Overall this is an entertaining film, Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey are in scene stealing form as the bad guys and Seagal is at the top of his game. 8/10


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