We Own the Night

October 12th, 2007


We Own the Night

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Still of Mark Wahlberg and Alex Veadov in We Own the NightStill of Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the NightJames Gray at event of We Own the NightStill of Joaquin Phoenix and Eva Mendes in We Own the NightStill of Mark Wahlberg and Joaquin Phoenix in We Own the NightStill of James Gray in We Own the Night

A New York nightclub manager tries to save his brother and father from Russian mafia hit men.

Release Year: 2007

Rating: 6.9/10 (46,912 voted)

Critic's Score: 59/100

Director: James Gray

Stars: Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes

Brooklyn, 1988. Crime is rife, especially drugs and drug violence. A Russian thug is building his heroin trade, while everyone laughs at the cops. Brothers have chosen different paths: Joe has followed his father Bert into New York's Finest; he's a rising star. Bobby, who uses his mother's maiden name, manages a club. Bobby too is on the rise: he has a new girlfriend and a green-light to develop a Manhattan club. Joe and Bert ask him to help with intelligence gathering; he declines. Then, Joe raids Bobby's club to arrest the Russian. From there, things spiral out of control: the Russian puts out a hit on Joe, personal losses mount, and Bobby's loyalties face the test.

Joaquin Phoenix - Bobby Green
Eva Mendes - Amada Juarez
Danny Hoch - Jumbo Falsetti
Alex Veadov - Vadim Nezhinski
Oleg Taktarov - Pavel Lubyarsky
Dominic Colon - Freddie
Joe D'Onofrio - Bloodied Patron
Yelena Solovey - Kalina Buzhayev (as Elena Solovey)
Moni Moshonov - Marat Buzhayev
Mark Wahlberg - Joseph Grusinsky
Maggie Kiley - Sandra Grusinsky
Paul Herman - Spiro Giavannis
Robert Duvall - Burt Grusinsky
Antoni Corone - Michael Solo
Craig Walker - Russell De Keifer

Taglines: One family on opposite sides of the law... Two brothers about to collide.


Official Website: Official site [France] | Official site [Japan] |

Release Date: 12 October 2007

Filming Locations: Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $21,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $10,826,287 (USA) (14 October 2007) (2362 Screens)

Gross: $27,648,264 (USA) (4 November 2007)

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Did You Know?

The car chase scene has been shot on an entirely sunny day and the rain had been put in digitally later.

Anachronisms: When Bobby and Joe are at the cemetery the train that passes by in the background has American Flags on it's cars. The flags were not introduced on the trains till after September 11, 2001.

[last lines]
Joseph Grusinsky: [whispers] I love you very much.
Bobby Green: [a beat] I love you too.

User Review

Standing ovation -- Not just at cannes

Rating: 9/10

I saw that We Own The Night received a standing ovation at the European critics screening and premiere at Cannes. Well, I can tell you at the preview screening I saw a while ago in the US, the audience applauded enthusiastically as well. The audience was totally into this movie in a way you don't usually see anymore. Not just grooving on it, but engrossed. Reminds me of The Godfather not just the movie, but the way the audience enjoyed it. Only reason I didn't give it a 10 was I don't give most movies at 10 unless they're like The Searcher or Vetigo. Again I don't want to give away too much about the movie because I hate now how everyone knows everything about a movie's plot before it opens. Let's just say it's both a crime movie and a family drama. A socially conscious melodrama and a cop story. And it has a couple of great action scenes. The acting was top notch by Joaquin Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg (better than in The Departed), Robert Duvall (always good) and especially Eva Mendes who I've never seen like this before. 9/10


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