Blank Check

February 11th, 1994


Blank Check

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By accident, the 12-year-old Preston is given a blank check and when he fills in $1,000,000 - he is able to get it...

Release Year: 1994

Rating: 4.5/10 (6,628 voted)

Director: Rupert Wainwright

Stars: Brian Bonsall, Karen Duffy, James Rebhorn

By accident, the 12-year-old Preston is given a blank check and when he fills in $1,000,000 - he is able to get it! He is having fun spending the money, but the gangsters who owned it want it back...

Writers: Blake Snyder, Colby Carr

Brian Bonsall - Preston Waters
Karen Duffy - Shay Stanley
James Rebhorn - Fred Waters
Jayne Atkinson - Sandra Waters
Michael Faustino - Ralph Waters
Chris Demetral - Damian Waters
Miguel Ferrer - Quigley
Michael Lerner - Biderman
Tone Loc - Juice
Rick Ducommun - Henry
Alex Zuckerman - Butch
Alex Morris - Riggs (as Alex Allen Morris)
Debbie Allen - Yvonne
Michael Polk - Yvonne's Assistant
Lu Leonard - Udowitz

Taglines: When Preston Waters sees an opportunity, he takes it.

Release Date: 11 February 1994

Filming Locations: Austin, Texas, USA

Gross: $30,577,969 (USA)

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Did You Know?

The Amusement Park is Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio, Texas.

Continuity: Indiana must sure have some odd weather, like in August. In some scenes we see Preston on the water slide and his pool, but yet others he's wearing a jacket and long sleeves.

[the guys are driving around in Quigley's Jaguar and spot Preston in the park]
Biderman: That's him. The boy with the backpack.
Carl Quigley: Go, go, go!
Juice: The sign says 'no cars allowed'!
Carl Quigley: Just drive!
Preston Waters, Henry: Quigley!

User Review

Chief say, "Not bad" but no say it good.


Chief Ooga say Disney's Blank Check is cute but hollow movie.

Story follow adventure of young kid who get hit by man who want to avoid trouble by giving kid blank check (hence title) to cover damages done to two-wheeled cycle. Kid decides to obtain one million dollar from man by writing that on check. Kid go to bank and get one million dollar. Little did he know that man who hit him is some gangster-type man whose million dollars the kid stole. Chaos ensue. Chief not tell ending, but say that is predictable

All in all, Chief Ooga not disappointed since Chief Ooga no expect much out of movie. Cute film for Little Chief, but trite and unrealistic for village elders.

2/5 Oogas


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