Dawn of the Dragonslayer

September 4th, 2011


Dawn of the Dragonslayer

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Dawn of the Dragonslayer

When Will's father is killed by a dragon, he embarks on an epic journey filled by vengeance that...

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 3.7/10 (462 voted)

Director: Anne K. Black

Stars: Richard McWilliams, Nicola Posener, Philip Brodie

When Will's father is killed by a dragon, he embarks on an epic journey filled by vengeance that leads him to an ancestral home which he stays at and works for the tyrannical Sterling in order to learn how to slay the beast. While he is training, he befriends Sterling's daughter Kate, and Sterling becomes increasingly suspicious of and threatened by Will. He orders his men to kill him but Will escapes. Now Will must evade Sterling's men whilst trying to avenge his father.

Writers: Anne K. Black, Kynan Griffin

Richard McWilliams - Will Shepherd
Nicola Posener - Kate Sterling
Philip Brodie - Rogan Ap Cynan
Ian Cullen - Baron Sterling
Maggie Daniels - Lady Spriggs
Michael O'Flaherty - Crow
Anthony Murphy - Tom
Adam Johnson - Lance
Nick Devlin - Sam
Ciaran O'Grady - Dirth
Lemuel Black - Baron DeGuilbert


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Release Date: 4 September 2011

Filming Locations: Ireland

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User Review

Very good for a B-flick

Rating: 6/10

Live action movies with the word "dragon" in the title have a long history of being disappointing budget films. This is not one of the rare exceptions but for what it is, it's entertaining.

The scenery and sets are very well done. The dialogue is natural and the actors pull it off well. The costumes are pretty good too with a few minor issues. For example - when Kate is helping Will put on the livery it looks and sounds like she's using a snap rather than a button.

The plot is obvious and predictable but that is to be expected in a B-flick. Also expect the dragon to look unfinished. The shape and color of it look great but the texture is too cartoonish, the shadows are wrong, etc. and the actors' eye lines are a bit off in spots.

All in all it's definitely worth watching one time but I won't be putting it in my collection.


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