June 12th, 2009



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A group of men head to a remote village to help one of their friends get over his divorce; when they get there, though, they discover that all the women have been infected with a virus that makes them man-hating cannibals.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.1/10 (8,275 voted)

Director: Jake West

Stars: Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke, Emil Marwa

Vince is handling his divorce badly. He's depressed. Gone to pieces. But his mates aren't giving up on him. Struggling with their own women troubles, they drag him off for an ultimate lads drinking weekend in the country. Arriving in the village of Moodley where the women outnumber the men 3:1, the boys find themselves holidaying in a village overrun by psychotic, homicidal Zombirds with a thirst for male flesh.

Danny Dyer - Neil
Noel Clarke - Mikey
Emil Marwa - Graham
Lee Ingleby - Matt
Keith-Lee Castle - Patrick
Christina Cole - Candy
Terry Stone - Sergeant Gavin Wright
Neil Maskell - Banksy
Emily Booth - The Snipper
Stephen Graham - Vince
Victoria Hopkins - The Bride
Deborah Hyde - The Barmaid
Nicola Jane Reading - The Witch / Zombird Army - Nightgown
Joelle Simpson - The Dentist / Zimmer Granny / Hooded Woman
Deborah Perry - Lolly

Taglines: The battle of the sexes just got bloody..........

Release Date: 12 June 2009

Filming Locations: West Sussex, England, UK

Box Office Details

Budget: $4,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: £56,484 (UK) (14 June 2009) (99 Screens)

Gross: £109,060 (UK) (21 June 2009)

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Did You Know?

The name of the company that drives them to the village is West Tours named after the film's director Jake West.

Continuity: When Matt is attacked by the scissors lady outside the house he is fighting her and the camera changes and the lady is not there and Matt is just pointing at the other women. Then the camera changes back and Matt is still fighting the scissors lady.

Banksy: It could be worse!
Neil: How many fingers am I holding up?
Banksy: Uh...
Neil: How could this get any worse?

User Review

Bird flu is certainly getting out of control!...

Rating: 5/10

Vince (Stephen Graham) is going through the final stages of his divorce and to help him through this period his friends Mikey (Noel Clarke) and Neil (Danny Dyer) decide to take him and a few of the other boys to a remote village outside the humdrum of their London lives to get, in Dyer's own words; 's**tfaced'. However, when they turn up to the incredibly eerie village of Moodley to find flesh-eating, man-hating, cannibalistic women who want to do nothing more than rip out their internal organs and eat them for breakfast, the boys realise they have bitten more than they can chew and must fight their way through a barrage of blood-thirsty women in the most misogynistic way imaginable.

The premise of the film completely reflects the manner in which Jake West approaches this project, with a gleeful nod towards plenty of harmless sexist humour and cheap gory death sequences that are all nice, light-hearted and fun. Neil, Vince and Mikey are all your typical working-class likely lads out to simply flirt with the opposite sex and drink as much as their body-weight, with Danny Dyer in particular needing to place little effort in recreating his Cockney 'laddish' persona (yet again) on the big-screen. While Dave Schaffer's script contains many easy-going humorous gags to keep your attention ticking over while the next axe, gnome or sword heads to try and end the boy's misogynistic ways and eliminate the male chromosome all in one.

'Doghouse' is nowhere near the heights of Pegg/Frost's rom-zom-com-supremo 'Shaun of the Dead', but it isn't the worst film you will see this year. At a short running time of 85 minutes, you'll be cheaply entertained with boys being boys and women being...err, evil, vicious, un-relentless and, well women (just kidding!). This a film you'd probably enjoy seeing more after you've been kicked out the local Pub at closing time and are heading home with your Chicken Jalfrezi in one hand and the DVD in the other.


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