Drillbit Taylor

March 21st, 2008


Drillbit Taylor

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Still of Leslie Mann and Owen Wilson in Drillbit TaylorStill of Owen Wilson in Drillbit TaylorStill of Danny McBride in Drillbit TaylorStill of Owen Wilson, Troy Gentile and Nate Hartley in Drillbit TaylorStill of Judd Apatow and Nate Hartley in Drillbit TaylorStill of Owen Wilson in Drillbit Taylor

Three kids hire a low-budget bodyguard to protect them from the playground bully.

Release Year: 2008

Rating: 5.8/10 (27,072 voted)

Critic's Score: 41/100

Director: Steven Brill

Stars: Owen Wilson, Josh Peck, Alex Frost

Homeless veteran Bob 'Drillbit' Taylor manages to enjoy life anyhow and even saves some cash for his dream, an 'all-paid' move to Alaska, even if that may take many years. His dream comes within reach when clever nerd Wade, has fat friend Ryan 'T-dog' and cocky shrimp Jim, all new to junior high-school, are bullied so badly by emancipated Filkins and his buddies that they advertise for a bodyguard. Only Drillbit seems affordable and not crazy, so he's hired and drains their pocket-money and home content. He's clueless how to protect them but gives them (bogus) self-defense classes.

Writers: Kristofor Brown, Seth Rogen

Nate Hartley - Wade
Troy Gentile - Ryan
Ian Roberts - Jim
Owen Wilson - Drillbit Taylor
Casey Boersma - Chuck
Dylan Boersma - Nick
Lisa Ann Walter - Dolores
Beth Littleford - Barbara
David Koechner - Frightened Dad
Matt Walsh - Not for Pot Driver
Janet Varney - Attractive Woman Driver
Lisa Lampanelli - Ronnie's Mom
Billy O'Neill - Dean (as Bill O'Neill)
Shaun Weiss - Bus Driver
Jordan Valacich - Cute Girl on Stairs (as Jordan Valley)

Taglines: The best bodyguard pocket money can buy.


Official Website: Official site | Paramount [France] |

Release Date: 21 March 2008

Filming Locations: 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $40,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $10,309,986 (USA) (23 March 2008) (3056 Screens)

Gross: $32,853,640 (USA) (15 June 2008)

Technical Specs

Runtime:  | (original version)

Did You Know?

The first (and only) time Seth Rogen has collaborated with someone other than Evan Goldberg, his regular writing partner, on a screenplay.

Continuity: When Wade approaches Brooke during lunch there is a girl in a pink top sitting next to Brooke. In the next cut the girl in pink is no longer sitting there. There are two other girls sitting on the opposite side of the table as Brooke so that Wade can sit down.

[from trailer]
Drillbit Taylor: [from trailer] Now in addition to the Chinese Kung Fu we've got a little Mexican Judo, as in 'Judon't know who you messin' with, homz.'

User Review

Another inventive comedy from the Apatow crew

Rating: 8/10

I love IMDb.com. I just came here (after seeing the movie) and saw that John Hughes (using a pseudonym) was one of the writers of this movie. That makes sense, because the movie covers the awkwardness, danger and constant potential for life-ruining humiliation that is freshman year high school. Being "skinny, scared and lonely", as Drillbit Taylor puts it.

One of the other writers is the awesome Seth Rogen, co-writer & co-star of "Superbad" and co-star of "Knocked Up".

Owen Wilson is funny, sexy and heartwarming in this role. The trio of geeky lads who hire Owen as their protector are all played by wonderful young actors. The Apatow organization seems to have a genius for finding great and funny teen actors. I was especially impressed by Alex Frost (he plays the bully) who I think has stardom in his future.

The small roles of the film are filled by standup comics and "The Daily Show" alumni. Good talent all around.

The movie is not perfect. It's front-loaded -- meaning the first half has so many laughs you can't hear all the lines for the laughter. Then it suddenly slows down in the second half. It's still interesting -- just not as funny. And when you get to the violent fighting, that dries up the laughs.

Overall though, any film from the Apatow organization is going to be 6 times funnier and more inventive than the average movie comedy out there. So go have some laughs.


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