From Time to Time

September 24th, 2010


From Time to Time

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A haunting ghost story spanning two worlds, two centuries apart. When 13 year old Tolly finds he can mysteriously travel between the two, he begins an adventure that unlocks family secrets laid buried for generations.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.1/10 (685 voted)

Director: Julian Fellowes

Stars: Alex Etel, Timothy Spall, Maggie Smith

In 1940s England, thirteen year old Tolly is sent to Green Knowe, the country estate of his grandmother, while his mother searches for any information concerning his missing in action father. Tolly soon finds that he can pass through time to witness the the family stories Grandmother Oldknow tells him. Traveling back to 1805, Tolly becomes caught up in the family scandals, secrets, and mysteries that still echo in his own time...

Writers: Lucy M. Boston, Julian Fellowes

Alex Etel - Tolly
Timothy Spall - Boggis
Maggie Smith - Mrs. Oldknow
Christopher Villiers - Officer
Pauline Collins - Mrs. Tweedle
Eliza Bennett - Susan (as Eliza Hope Bennett)
Rachel Bell - Perkins
Dominic West - Caxton
Carice van Houten - Maria Oldknow
Douglas Booth - Sefton
Jenny McCracken - Mrs. Gross
Christine Lohr - Mrs. Robbins
Alan Charlesworth - Robert the Footman
Hugh Bonneville - Captain Oldknow
Kwayedza Kureya - Jacob


Official Website: Official site |

Release Date: 24 September 2010

Filming Locations: Athelhampton House, Athelhampton, Dorset, England, UK

Technical Specs


Anachronisms: Modern concrete sleepers and rail fixings are seen during the scene at the railway station set in 1944.

User Review

Fine storytelling and highly entertaining

Rating: 8/10

I put off watching this film for a long time because of the 6/10 IMDb rating and because it seems like one of those films you 'need to be in the mood for'.

Well, it is but when you are in the mood for a good story then watch this film because the overall result is certainly worth it. Technically and visually the film is successful (i.e. cinematography, location, costumes etc.) but it is the story itself that kept me interested. I am not sure if the success of the film is owed to the book it was adapted from or if the script added anything but I was certainly impressed.

The funny and tragic moments never felt forced or embellished and the actors were extremely committed and convincing.

I am not a viewer who knows too much about the film making process so the most I can comment on really is that whilst the ending was rather predictable I was happy I had watched the film and would highly recommend it to others.

I hope the IMDb rating increases as it easily deserves 8/10


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