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January 3rd, 2011


Game Time

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With a fresh start, trying to escape an abusive past, Vance and his mother have just moved to a new city...

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 3.2/10 (135 voted)

Director: Diego Hallivis

Stars: Shashi Balooja, Gabriel Blanco, María DiDomenico

With a fresh start, trying to escape an abusive past, Vance and his mother have just moved to a new city. Searching for a way to support his family while continuing his education he joins forces with Jules, who is looking for a highly skilled, basketball duel partner. With their impressive talent these two start cleaning the streets, winning every duel in town. Once word spreads they're invited to enter the ultra-violent, competitive duel championship. With high hopes for the win they'll do whatever it takes to walk off the court the new champions.

Shashi Balooja - History Professor
Gabriel Blanco - Bully
María DiDomenico - Maria
Andre Douglas - Andre
Tommy Evans - Alfred
Hannah Foster - Angie
Juan Garcia - Dueler
Duane Gibbs - Dueler
Shelby Goldman - Preppy Girlfriend 1
Cortaz Griffin - Rody
George Haddock - Jeremy
Antoine Harris - Maurice
Phil Haus - Vance Halden
Brandon M. Hines - Brandon
Jason Hurt - Jules

Release Date: 3 Jan 2011

User Review

Clichéd Basketball Flick That Is Admittedly Made Well...

Rating: 6/10

Whilst 'The Duel', Diego Hallivis' feature debut, is undoubtedly flawed and overly clichéd, I still found it to be an enjoyable 'overcoming-odds' story. Despite Hallivis' minimal budget to work from and without any notable star names, The Duel is still surprising dark and edgy, a step ahead of the usual 'Straight to Video' fodder around. 'The Duel' centres around Vance, a teenager who moves away from Wisconsin with his mother to escape his violent father. In New York, he learns of 'Duelling', the violent street version of Baketball. Alongside his partner, they compete to get to the gathering, the biggest 'Duel' tournament in New York. 'The Duel' is loaded with clichés- bullying at school,Daddy issues, Girlfriend who doesn't want anything to do with 'Duelling', big climax at the 'Gathering tournament' etc. Just like so many other films of its kind, its predictable and formulaic. It takes itself too seriously with little comic relief. But what separates this film above its peers is its engaging subplots, its insight into street life in New York. Yes, the acting is amateur, the soundtrack is nothing special and we've seen the exact same story a dozen other times. But amidst this there is heart, something that makes me inclined to follow the fledgling career of Diego Hallivis. Not exactly a 'slam dunk', but this one is sure to win you over by the 'final buzzer'...


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