Old Dogs

November 25th, 2009


Old Dogs

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Still of Walt Becker and Conner Rayburn in Old DogsStill of Kelly Preston in Old DogsSeth Green at event of Old DogsStill of John Travolta and Robin Williams in Old DogsStill of Seth Green in Old DogsStill of John Travolta, Robin Williams and Seth Green in Old Dogs

Two friends and business partners find their lives turned upside down when strange circumstances lead to them being placed in the care of 7-year-old twins.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 5.1/10 (16,061 voted)

Critic's Score: 19/100

Director: Walt Becker

Stars: Robin Williams, John Travolta, Seth Green

Charlie and Dan have been best friends and business partners for thirty years; their Manhattan public relations firm is on the verge of a huge business deal with a Japanese company. With two weeks to sew up the contract, Dan gets a surprise: a woman he married on a drunken impulse nearly nine years before (annulled the next day) shows up to tell him he's the father of her twins, now seven, and she'll be in jail for 14 days for a political protest. Dan volunteers to keep the tykes, although he's up tight and clueless. With Charlie's help is there any way they can be dad and uncle, meet the kids' expectations, and still land the account?

Writers: David Diamond, David Weissman

John Travolta - Charlie
Robin Williams - Dan
Kelly Preston - Vicki
Conner Rayburn - Zach
Ella Bleu Travolta - Emily
Lori Loughlin - Amanda
Seth Green - Craig
Bernie Mac - Jimmy Lunchbox
Matt Dillon - Barry
Ann-Margret - Martha
Rita Wilson - Jenna
Amy Sedaris - Condo Woman
Residente - Tattoo Artist
Sab Shimono - Yoshiro Nishamura (as Saburo Shimono)
Kevin Yamada - Riku (as Kevin W. Yamada)

Taglines: Sit. Stay. Play Dad.


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Release Date: 25 November 2009

Filming Locations: Arena at Harbor Yard - 600 Main Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $35,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $16,894,511 (USA) (29 November 2009) (3425 Screens)

Gross: $49,474,048 (USA) (28 March 2010)

Technical Specs

Runtime: USA:

Did You Know?

The film's release date was postponed three times. First, due to Bernie Mac's untimely death. The second time was for the death of John Travolta and Kelly Preston's son, Jett Travolta. The final time was because Robin Williams had a health scare that required surgery. All of the postponement ultimately caused the movie to be released more than a year after the original, intended release date, finally releasing on November 25, 2009.

Continuity: When Vicki is talking to Dan in Grand Central Station the same commuter walks by behind her twice in the same direction.

[from trailer]
Yancy Devlin: You ladies ready to play a little Ultimate Frisbee?
Dan: I think so, Mr. Testosterone!

User Review

Holy god

Rating: 2/10

"Old Dogs" is simply mind numbingly awful. It's like two hours of being raped in the face by fart jokes. Is it funny to see Seth Green pretend to get hit in the balls? Well then this is totally up your alley. When people talk about how films are getting worse this is what they are talking about. The inexplicable amount of decent ratings for this mess of idiocy kind of explains why the publishing industry is tanking. I refuse to admit I live in a world where those who enjoy this dreck actually know how to read.

"Old Dogs" is an ugly artless stupid film that has been created only to keep your kids quiet for a couple hours; although making them sit through this should legally be on the same level as child abuse. In a couple years we will forget this ever existed.


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