Pale Rider

June 28th, 1985


Pale Rider

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Still of Clint Eastwood and Michael Moriarty in Pale RiderStill of Clint Eastwood in Pale RiderStill of Clint Eastwood and Sydney Penny in Pale RiderStill of Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider

A mysterious preacher protects a humble prospector village from a greedy mining company trying to encroach on their land.

Release Year: 1985

Rating: 7.1/10 (20,144 voted)

Director: Clint Eastwood

Stars: Clint Eastwood, Michael Moriarty, Carrie Snodgress

A gold mining camp in the California foothills is besieged by a neighboring landowner intent on stealing their claims. A preacher rides into camp and uses all of his powers of persuasion to convince the landowner to give up his attacks on the miners.

Writers: Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack

Clint Eastwood - Preacher
Michael Moriarty - Hull Barret
Carrie Snodgress - Sarah Wheeler
Chris Penn - Josh LaHood (as Christopher Penn)
Richard Dysart - Coy LaHood
Sydney Penny - Megan Wheeler
Richard Kiel - Club
Doug McGrath - Spider Conway
John Russell - Stockburn
Charles Hallahan - McGill
Marvin J. McIntyre - Jagou
Fran Ryan - Ma Blankenship
Richard Hamilton - Jed Blankenship
Graham Paul - Ev Gossage
Chuck Lafont - Eddie Conway (as Chuck LaFont)

Taglines: Hell comes home

Release Date: 28 June 1985

Filming Locations: Columbia State Historic Park - 22708 Broadway, Columbia, California, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $6,900,000 (estimated)

Gross: $41,400,000 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Chris Penn plays one of the villains, Josh LaHood. Clint Eastwood would later direct his brother Sean Penn in an Oscar-Winning Performance in Mystic River.

Revealing mistakes: In the final showdown, Stockburn is shot several times by the Preacher. In the next shot, small rivulets of blood are shown running out of the bullet holes. Considering that Stockburn is wearing a trenchcoat over a suit, it's unlikely blood would just trickle out onto the coat like that - not to mention a gunshot wound would probably bleed a little more profusely.

The Preacher: Well, if you're waitin' for a woman to make up her mind, you may have a a long wait.

User Review

"Tell the preacher to meet me here tomorrow morning."

Rating: 7/10

Shot on location in Sun Valley, Idaho, and to some esteem to "Shane," "Pale Rider" succeeded with sweeping landscapes and magnificent cinematography, to be an interesting Western that helps to bring back something from Eastwood's mystique…

In 1850 California, a small group squatters and their families find themselves terrorized by Coy LaHood (Richard Dysart), who are standing win the way of his progress… Desperate, LaHood begins using violence in an unsuccessful attempt to run the peaceful yet determined homesteaders from their land… Leading the homesteaders is a decent man Hull Barret (Michael Moriarty), who dreams of a better life for himself, his girlfriend Sarah Wheeler (Carrie Snodgress) and her lovely daughter from a previous marriage, 14-year-old Meagan (Sydney Penny).

Into the lives of these strong-willed people rides a mysterious man—tall and lean with something strange in his eyes —known only as "The Preacher" (Clint Eastwood). He says little, divulges nothing of his past, but for a man wearing a clerical collar he seems an expert at handling weapons… He pulls the miners together and gives them the confidence to defy LaHood even in the face of mounting violence...

Although both Sarah and her daughter become enamored of the pale preacher, he gently rejects their advances and makes them see that Hull is a less capable but far better man… There is a good scene when Spider Conway—went into town alone and running out of steam—invited LaHood to come out and have a drink with him… But instead Stockburn and his deputies came out asking him to dance…

Richard Dysart creates an all-too-believable villain, and Western veteran John Russell is well-cast as a middle-aged mercenary and his hired guns to face a legendary hero… It's an old score and it's time settle it…


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