Striking Distance

September 17th, 1993


Striking Distance

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Still of Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker in Striking DistanceStill of Bruce Willis in Striking DistanceStill of Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker in Striking DistanceStill of Bruce Willis and Sarah Jessica Parker in Striking DistanceStill of Bruce Willis and Tom Sizemore in Striking DistanceStill of Bruce Willis in Striking Distance

Coming from a police family, Tom Hardy ends up fighting his uncle after the murder of his father. Tom believes the killer is another cop, and goes on the record with his allegations. Demoted then to river duty, the killer taunts Tom.

Release Year: 1993

Rating: 5.6/10 (16,126 voted)

Director: Rowdy Herrington

Stars: Bruce Willis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dennis Farina

A serial killer is back in Pittsburgh to torment the former homicide detective who was on his trail years before. Tom Hardy, who has been relegated to water-way duty, along with new partner Jo Christman, navigate the three rivers looking for clues and discovering bodies. This time the victims are women Tom knows, he must find the killer to prove his innocence.

Writers: Rowdy Herrington, Marty Kaplan

Bruce Willis - Det. Tom Hardy
Sarah Jessica Parker - Jo Christman
Dennis Farina - Capt. Nick Detillo
Tom Sizemore - Det. Danny Detillo
Brion James - Det. Eddie Eiler
Robert Pastorelli - Det. Jimmy Detillo
Timothy Busfield - Tony Sacco
John Mahoney - Lt. Vince Hardy
Andre Braugher - Dist. Atty. Frank Morris
Tom Atkins - Sgt. Fred Hardy
Mike Hodge - Capt. Penderman, River Rescue Commandant
Jodi Long - Officer Kim Lee, River Rescue Dispatcher
Roscoe Orman - Sid, Eddie Eiler's Partner
Robert Gould - Douglas Kesser
Gareth Williams - Chick Chicanis

Taglines: They shouldn't have put him in the water, if they didn't want him to make waves.

Release Date: 17 September 1993

Filming Locations: Allegheny County Courthouse, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $30,000,000 (estimated)

Gross: $23,798,623 (USA)

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Did You Know?

At various stages of production the film was known as "Three Rivers" but was eventually released as "Striking Distance".

Continuity: When the two cars go off the road and crash at the end of the first car chase, it is broad daylight, yet, when Bruce Willis' character is recovered from under the car, it is completely dark.

[first lines]
Newscaster: The search for the Polish Hill Strangler continues in the wake of the discovery of yet a fourth victim early this morning.

User Review

Give It A Chance

Rating: 7/10

I'd be lying if I didn't admit this is yet another patterned Bruce Willis flick. The kind where he plays the hard boiled cop with a colorful past, but I gave it a chance. This one finds Willis as Tom Hardy. A cop from a family of cops and things aren't going too well. First off, he's just ratted out his violent partner (Robert Pastorelli) at an official police inquiry and that doesn't win him any fans in the department. Then his depressed former partner jumps off a bridge killing himself. What a load to carry. All of the while there's this killer on the loose and when his father is murdered by him, he lets it be known he thinks the killer is a cop and suddenly he's reassigned to River Patrol.

This movie succeeds on a basic level -- it's entertaining. Sure the story is loose and the film's surprises are somewhat stale, but it's all in good fun. Willis gets to look aptly serious and hunt for the killer on the waters and there's just enough suspense to sustain interest and the minor twists of the story keep things at a good pace. Meanwhile the rounded supporting cast keeps things lively and keeps the viewer going, "Where have I seen him before?" or "Hey that's such and such".

I've read on here how people think this is stupid, dumb and lacks any suspense or thrills. Like any of the Die Hard movies had exceptionally smart stories, you didn't know what was gonna happen next or how it would all end. Of course not. For a entry level Bruce Willis flick, this one satisfies. Now if only I could get the Little Red Riding Hood Song out of my mind...!


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