Teen Wolf

August 23rd, 1985


Teen Wolf

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A highschooler discovers that he is a werewolf.

Release Year: 1985

Rating: 5.6/10 (17,615 voted)

Director: Rod Daniel

Stars: Michael J. Fox, James Hampton, Susan Ursitti

Teen discovers that puberty for him means he turns into a werewolf. One of the beneficial side effects is that it also turns him into a top-notch basketball player. But will his notoriety cost him his friends and can he find true love?

Writers: Jeph Loeb, Matthew Weisman

Michael J. Fox - Scott Howard
James Hampton - Harold Howard
Susan Ursitti - Boof
Jerry Levine - Stiles
Matt Adler - Lewis
Lorie Griffin - Pamela
Jim McKrell - Mr. Thorne (as Jim MacKrell)
Mark Arnold - Mick
Jay Tarses - Coach Finstock
Mark Holton - Chubby
Scott Paulin - Kirk Lolley
Elizabeth Gorcey - Tina
Melanie Manos - Gina
Doug Savant - Brad
Charles Zucker - Malcolm

Taglines: He always wanted to be special... but he never expected this!

Release Date: 23 August 1985

Filming Locations: 1727 Bushnell Avenue, South Pasadena, California, USA

Gross: $33,086,700 (USA)

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Did You Know?

James Hampton, who played Scott Howard's father Harold, said at a recent Teen Wolf Convention that he was originally cast as Coach Finstock, played by actor Jay Tarses.

Continuity: The day after Scott learns he is a wolf, Lorie notices that "something is different about him". Scott closes his locker, but when Boof talks to him a few seconds later, the locker is open again.

Coach Finstock: What is it, gambling? Drugs? You know I'd really like to help you but I'm kind of tapped out this month. The IRS is coming down on me like it's some personal vendetta against Bobby Finstock.

User Review

Corny 80's gold

Rating: 6/10

There are a lot of people who are going on about how much Teen Wolf sucks. I disagree because Teen Wolf has a special kind of suck going for it. Not so bad it's good but corny as hell and better for it. I've been watching this movie since it came out and I love it. How can you not love Teen Wolf? Michael J. Fox turns into a werewolf and becomes a popular star of his high school basketball team. There is even a dance at his prom that is wolf related. The whole school turns wolf crazy but Fox learns the right lesson in the end. How can you not love this corny crap. I'll be the first to admit that this isn't a good movie and is incredibly stupid, but honest to goodness crapfests don't have Stiles or a breakdancing wolf. Take that American Werewolf in London. Recently Teen Wolf has been blessed with DVD release along with it's sequel, Teen Wolf Too, on one disc. 80's fans rejoice!

Bottom Line: It isn't worthy of even trying to call itself good, but it's a classic, doesn't take itself seriously, and occupies a honored place on my shelf.


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