The Disappearance of Alice Creed

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Still of Gemma Arterton in The Disappearance of Alice CreedStill of Gemma Arterton in The Disappearance of Alice CreedStill of Eddie Marsan and Martin Compston in The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Two men fortify a nondescript British apartment so it can serve as a prison, and then kidnap a woman and tie her to a bed. Before there's even time to react, we're plunged into a very nasty situation, but not a simple one.

Release Year: 2009

Rating: 6.8/10 (9,601 voted)

Critic's Score: 65/100

Director: J Blakeson

Stars: Gemma Arterton, Eddie Marsan, Martin Compston

Two criminals, Vic and Danny, kidnap Alice Creed. They fastidiously set-up an apartment building and handcuff Alice to the bed, all in a careful attempt to make sure that she won't escape and they won't get caught. But what do Vic and Danny really want with Alice? And is Alice cunning enough to foil their plans and escape?

Martin Compston - Danny
Eddie Marsan - Vic
Gemma Arterton - Alice Creed


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Release Date: 30 April 2010

Filming Locations: Douglas, Isle of Man

Opening Weekend: £142,324 (UK) (2 May 2010) (67 Screens)

Gross: $166,980 (USA) (7 November 2010)

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Did You Know?

The first word is spoken 5 minutes and 25 seconds into the film. Roughly another 4 minutes pass before the next one is spoken.

Factual errors: When Vic checks the bullets in the gun, he removes the magazine, then replaces it and operates the slide. A bullet should have ejected as it was recently fired and there would have been one in the chamber.

Vic: Wake up Ms. Creed, it's breakfast time!

User Review

Very, VERY good. Looking forward to more J Blakeson works in future.

Rating: 10/10

A terrifically enjoyable film from debut writer-director J Blakeson. Apparently working to a tiny budget, he's proved that he has an incredible understanding of what makes a thriller film work.

There are three excellent performances (lucky, as with only three actors this needed to be the case), particularly Gemma Arterton as Alice Creed, who uses her wits and womanly wiles to make a stand against her tormentors, Vic and Danny.

Much has been made of the plot twists - but I still didn't see them coming at all! I thought they were ample to keep you guessing right to the last, and I kept changing my mind as to how I thought things would turn out.

I kept reading "taut, claustrophobic and very well put together" when I was researching this film, and I have to say it delivered on all counts. Excellent.


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