The Gods Must Be Crazy II

April 13th, 1990


The Gods Must Be Crazy II

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Xixo is back again. This time, his children accidentally stow away on a fast-moving poachers' truck...

Release Year: 1989

Rating: 6.3/10 (6,561 voted)

Director: Jamie Uys

Stars: N!xau, Lena Farugia, Hans Strydom

Xixo is back again. This time, his children accidentally stow away on a fast-moving poachers' truck, unable to get off, and Xixo sets out to rescue them. Along the way, he encounters a couple of soldiers trying to capture each other and a pilot and passenger of a small plane, who are each having a few problems of their own.

N!xau - Xixo
Lena Farugia - Dr. Ann Taylor
Hans Strydom - Dr. Stephen Marshall
Eiros - Xiri
Nadies - Xisa
Erick Bowen - Mateo
Treasure Tshabalala - Timi
Pierre Van Pletzen - George
Lourens Swanepoel - Brenner
Richard Loring - Jack
Lesley Fox - Ann's Secretary
Simon Sabela - General
Ken Marshall - Convener
Peter Tunstall - Chief Game Warden
Andrew Dibb - Computer Operator

Taglines: A comedy of even more absurd proportions

Release Date: 13 April 1990

Filming Locations: South Africa

Gross: $6,291,444 (USA)

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Did You Know?

Was filmed in 1985 and sat on the shelf for nearly five years.

Continuity: The scene where Xixo brings the soldiers and the doctor to the guy in the sand. After he shakes the sand off himself, he sits up. There is a long shot of him with his shirt unbuttoned and clean. In the next cut, his shirt has sand all over it and is buttoned up.

[one of the soldiers while trying to get up knocks over a can of gasoline with their knee and the two start fighting]
Dr. Ann Taylor: Stop it!
[they still fight]
Dr. Ann Taylor: I said *stop it!*
[they still continue to fight]
Dr. Ann Taylor: Stop it right now!
[one of their guns goes flying and almost hits Dr. Ann Taylor who yelps. A second later, she picks up the gun and fires a warning shot at the two. They both stop fighting frozen in shock as they see Dr. Ann Taylor holding the gun on them]
African soldier: Lady be careful with that thing, give it here.
Dr. Ann Taylor: No, I won't.
African soldier: But I'm the boot guard, he's a bloody Cuban. Give it here.

User Review

You Must Be Crazy If You Don't Like This One Too


This sequel is definitely not as insightful about the nature of man as the original, but there're still more than enough slapsticks, romance and family drama to make up for it.

The two children are particularly adorable, their strength comes from their innocence, without the precocity that has become the hallmark of Hollywood. Their storyline is thus the most heart-warming of all.

The two soldiers from opposing forces provide much of the slapstick of movie, and they are very good, with exceptionally funny facial expressions.

And let¡¯s not count Lena Farugia and Hans Strydom out, who play a doctor of law from New York and a zoologist on assignment ¨C their opposite-attract romance is rather stereotypical but Lena in particular is such a charming delight that I forget how much Strydom looks like Tom Selleck, instead, wonder why Lena had not since made another movie - yes, really sad :( - she could¡¯ve been a big star.

So in the end, one very funny little film, worth every penny and more to rent or buy. Keep some band-aids with you while watching, as you may get some stitches in your side.


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