The Journey

June 13th, 2017


The Journey

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Release Year: 2016

Rating: 6.2/10 ( voted)

Critic's Score: /100

Director: Nick Hamm

Stars: Timothy Spall, Colm Meaney, John Hurt

A fictional account of the extraordinary story of two implacable enemies in Northern Ireland - firebrand Democratic Unionist Party leader Ian Paisley and Sinn Fein politician Martin McGuinness - who are forced to take a short journey together in which they will take the biggest leap of faith and change the course of history.

Freddie Highmore - Jack
Toby Stephens - Tony Blair
John Hurt - Harry Patterson
Catherine McCormack - Kate Elgar
Colm Meaney - Martin McGuinness
Timothy Spall - Ian Paisley
Ian McElhinney - Rory McBride
Ian Beattie - Gerry Adams
Barry Ward - Paisley Junior
Kristy Robinson - Mary Lou McDonald
Mark Lambert - Bertie Ahern
Stewart David Hawthorne - Surveillance Operator
Frank Cannon - Sinn Fein Security
John Wark -
Michael Hooley - Helicopter Pilot

Country: UK

Language: English

Release Date: 3 Jan 2016

Filming Locations: Belfast, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, UK

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Filming near Larne - Northern Ireland See more »

User Review


Rating: 1/10

I Looked forward to seeing The Journey ...But What a waste of time that was. This film should have been the monumental change in the NI series of movies. But unfortunately Nick Hamms jittery direction and lack of depth to supporting characters along with Batemans almost Monty Pythonesque silly script gave us what we should now call the Norn Oirish silly road movie genre. Ill not go into spoilers there were a few good lines By Paisley gags from Blair and McGuinness With the audience Feeling sorry for Spall and Meaney for trying to deal with this utter nonsense along with pop culture being Flung at us at every corner and sentence that Bateman could muster gently forcing the titters and groans from the faithful few. I then tried to gee myself up and wonder how I would have done this differently, the answer I eventually decided on was ....I wouldn't.... Hamm was given a dodgy script and tried his best to make that good and that was a tall order. They had a responsibility to tell a tail which changed the face of a country and they gagged it up and failed miserably.


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