The Lady

November 30th, 2011


The Lady

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Still of Michelle Yeoh in The LadyLuc Besson in The LadyStill of Michelle Yeoh in The LadyStill of Michelle Yeoh in The LadyStill of David Thewlis and Michelle Yeoh in The LadyStill of Michelle Yeoh in The Lady

The story of Aung San Suu Kyi as she becomes the core of Burma's democracy movement, and her relationship with her husband, writer Michael Aris.

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 6.8/10 (912 voted)

Critic's Score: 45/100

Director: Luc Besson

Stars: Michelle Yeoh, David Thewlis, Jonathan Raggett

THE LADY is an epic love story about how an extraordinary couple and family sacrifice their happiness at great human cost for a higher cause. This is the story of Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband, Michael Aris. Despite distance, long separations, and a dangerously hostile regime, their love endures until the very end. A story of devotion and human understanding set against a background of political turmoil which continues today. THE LADY also is the story of the peaceful quest of the woman who is at the core of Burma's democracy movement.

Michelle Yeoh - Aung San Suu Kyi
David Thewlis - Michael Aris
Jonathan Raggett - Kim Aris
Jonathan Woodhouse - Alexander Aris
Susan Wooldridge - Lucinda Philips
Benedict Wong - Karma Phuntsho
Flint Bangkok - Nyo Ohn Myint
Guy Barwell - Military Policeman
Sahajak Boonthanakit - Leo Nichols
Antony Hickling - BBC journalist (voice)
William Hope - James Baker
Teerawat Mulvilai - Soldier / Bad News
Agga Poechit - Tan Shwe
Victoria Sanvalli - Ma Then
Nay Myo Thant - Win Thein

Release Date: 30 November 2011

Filming Locations: Bangkok, Thailand

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Did You Know?

While the movie was being filmed - at least in Bangkok - the working title was "Dans la Lumiere" ("Into the Light").

User Review

Thoroughly evocative and compelling

Rating: 10/10

This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time. It was highly entertaining, emotionally evoking and educational. I had known very little on the situation in Bhurma, and felt the summaries I read prior to visiting the cinema to see this film did not do justice to this cinematic gem. I came away from the screening determined to learn more and do what small part I could to right the wrongs portrayed in The Lady. The setting was wonderful, and I felt the cast played their parts marvellously. Many write ups of the film have criticised the length, however I do not think the story could have developed to give one a reasonable overview of the situation with a shorter script. It would be unnecessary to follow each of the characters' developments in the film, particularly given the length of time in question.

I would recommend this film to anyone as essential viewing, whether or not you have an interest in political affairs or not. The politics in The Lady is so simply set out and self- explanatory that anyone would understand the issues at hand.


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