The Summer of Massacre

January 3rd, 2011


The Summer of Massacre

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This movie is insane, actually insane is an understatement. It's a 100 MPH gore ride that never slows down... 

Release Year: 2011

Rating: 2.6/10 (52 voted)

Director: Joe Castro

Stars: Brinke Stevens, Nick Principe, Cleve Hall

This movie is insane, actually insane is an understatement. It's a 100 MPH gore ride that never slows down...  

Writers: Joe Castro, Schroeder

Brinke Stevens - Mrs. Williams
Nick Principe - Lori
Cleve Hall - Father Daniel
Lisa M. Garcia - Kimberly Ann
Lauren Boehm - Lisa
Scott Barrows - Boogieman
Tim A. Colley - Chris
Felip Winslett - Vinnie
Sean Abley - Clubber #1
Daniel Aldema - Bully #1
Ted Alderman - Dr. Harrison
Nick Rey Angelus - Bully 3 (segment "Rampage")
Ken Ashe - Drunk Bum
Rod Barroso - Clubber #3
Tchia Casselle - Mother

Taglines: Pray for Winter


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Release Date: 3 Jan 2011

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Runtime: USA:

User Review

Easily the Worst Film I Have Seen in Years

Rating: 2/10

Normally I would write a plot here, but this film has no recognizable plot. It is simply one cheesy death after another with no story, characters or dialogue.

I really wanted to give this film the lowest score possible, but I have to maintain that "Hell's Threshold" is still probably the worst. Maybe I will change my mind... sitting through this was the most awesome torture ever. I was so bored, I wanted to punch my screen and slit my own throat. It truly is a pile of horse apples.

I can respect a film that tries to set the record for on-screen kills. But why does this even count? The CGI was so bad, just abysmally bad, that it was more cartoon than movie. Characters show up for no reason other than to be killed by objects that should not be able to kill them. If this film had anything going for it (and it does not), the visuals would take away all the credit.

What saddens me is that Broken Glass picked this one up for distribution. Sure, being an independent distributor, they cannot all be winners. But this film will reflect on the Broken Glass brand, and not very favorably. Once upon a time, Lions Gate was a respected genre company. Then they started releasing everything they could get their hands on, and no longer have much credibility. Please, Broken Glass, do not make that same mistake.

I do not recommend this film for any reason. Not for fun, not for parties, not for dates, not for background sound... I would not even want a copy of this within 500 miles of me. I hope to never meet the creators, because it would be too difficult to hold back about how awful this moldy piece of cow dung is.


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