Unaccompanied Minors

December 8th, 2006


Unaccompanied Minors

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Unaccompanied MinorsStill of Dyllan Christopher and Gia Mantegna in Unaccompanied MinorsStill of Dyllan Christopher, Quinn Shephard and Gia Mantegna in Unaccompanied MinorsStill of Tyler James Williams in Unaccompanied MinorsStill of Dyllan Christopher and Tyler James Williams in Unaccompanied MinorsUnaccompanied Minors

A group of unaccompanied minors bond while snowed in at the midwestern Hoover International Airport during the holiday season and ultimately create a makeshift holiday themselves.

Release Year: 2006

Rating: 4.1/10 (4,931 voted)

Critic's Score: 43/100

Director: Paul Feig

Stars: Dyllan Christopher, Tyler James Williams, Gia Mantegna

Spencer and his little sister, Katherine, are flying to Pennsylvania for Christmas with their dad. While changing planes, a blizzard moves in and cancels all flights out of Hoover Airport: they must stay in a basement room with the other unaccompanied minors. Spencer and four others - a chubby boy, a non-stop-talker, a surly girl, and a rich kid - go AWOL and get in trouble with Mr. Porter, the Christmas-hating airport supervisor. The five misfits spend the night evading and enduring Porter's punishments, discovering all sorts of things in back rooms, making sure Katherine gets her visit from Santa, and finding among themselves a new kind of family.

Writers: Jacob Meszaros, Mya Stark

Lewis Black - Oliver Porter
Wilmer Valderrama - Zach Van Bourke
Tyler James Williams - Charlie Goldfinch
Dyllan Christopher - Spencer Davenport
Brett Kelly - Timothy 'Beef' Wellington
Gia Mantegna - Grace Conrad (as Gina Mantegna)
Quinn Shephard - Donna Malone
Paget Brewster - Valerie Davenport
Rob Corddry - Sam Davenport
Dominique Saldaña - Katherine Davenport
Jessica Walter - Cindi
Rob Riggle - Head Guard Hoffman
Michelle Sandler - Mary Lynn
David Koechner - Ernie
B.J. Novak - Desk Attendant

Taglines: No plane, no parents, no problem!


Official Website: warnerbros |

Release Date: 8 December 2006

Filming Locations: Echo, Utah, USA

Box Office Details

Budget: $26,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend: $5,815,474 (USA) (10 December 2006)

Gross: $16,647,384 (USA) (4 March 2007)

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Did You Know?

At one point, the kids and Zach (Wilmer Valderrama) go down the side of a mountain in a canoe. On _That '70s Show (1998)_, there is an episode where three characters, including Fez (played by Wilmer Valderrama) want to go down a mountain in a canoe.

Continuity: When Katherine escapes from Mary Lynn, she still has makeup on and her hair is in braids, but when she is found sleeping on the sofa in the lobby, she has no makeup on and her hair is unbraided and looks as though it was never touched.

Baggage Handler: [teasing the caged barking dog] No Christmas dinner for you, Cujo!

User Review

Nice feel-good movie

Rating: 6/10

I just watched this movie and I really don't understand why people think this is a horrible movie. It's a good movie, I really enjoyed it! Sure, there isn't some complex plot with several twists; it's just a relaxed ride, a feel good movie. It's un-complex. As un-complex as children ARE. You remember how good live was when you were young? No worries (well, for most people that's true anyway ;). The things the kids in this movie do are things that you CAN only do when you are still young: the adults are going to forgive you. They are doing things that no adult could ever get away with, but that is exactly why it made me feel good: you just know that there won't be consequences; it's just pure adventure and fun.

I see a lot of B-movies lately; were the acting is REALLY REALLY bad. The kind of movies that I turn off half way, disgusted that I wasted my time with it. Imho, THAT are the kind of movies that should fill up the bottom 250 on IMDb. The acting in this movie however, is good! The kids put down some professional acting (not perfect, but in most cases that is totally to blame on the director-- the movie doesn't need it either, this isn't a "The Good Son (1993)") and the adults act as adults typically act in kids movies, nothing that annoyed me.

I think that any adult can enjoy this movie, if they keep an open mind, like children and still are enough of a kid in their heart to remember how (good) it was in their childhood.

Don't expect anything deep - just sit back and allow yourself to enjoy a while without worries.


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